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A salute to some who have earned the good opinion of the world of sport, if not its tallest headlines

Until four summers ago, pretty Marina Doria had done all of her skiing on snow in her native Geneva, Switzerland. But "because I wanted to try something new," she switched to water skiing. Her success was almost immediate. Marina won the Swiss championship in 1952 and the European title a year later. Now 20, she does her water skiing at Florida's Cypress Gardens, placed second in a recent intercontinental meet, winning the slalom division. She will try for the world championship at Beirut, Lebanon, next August.

The radiant look-alike smiles of Maribel Vinson Owen and daughter Maribel, 14, mean the return of a world-famous figure-skating family to major competition. Mother Maribel, nine-time winner of the National Senior Ladies Championship between 1928 and 1937 (she missed in 1934), watched happily this spring as her pretty daughter won the U.S. junior pairs championship with Charles Foster. Both Maribels represent the Skating Club of Boston, mother as a teaching professional and daughter as a star performer who may some day rival another of her mother's beautiful and talented protégés: Tenley Albright, two-time world champion.