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Arizona pushball, as played by teams of deputy sheriffs, uses fun-loving Quarter horses and offers lots of kicks

The horses and men pushing the huge silver ball shown on the following four pages are devotees of a slam-bang game called pushball, a game which may be said to resemble polo played with a blimp instead of a ball. Pushball, at least as played by these deputies of the Maricopa County (Ariz.) sheriff's posse and their West Side rivals, is a rough game, so rough in fact that swinging punches are not uncommon. But the horses don't seem to mind. They apparently love the game and continue to play and push despite altercations topside. When the horses hear the opening whistle they do not even have to be guided by rein. They charge the ball zestfully without any signal whatsoever from their riders. Ernie Collier, who refereed the game pictured, says he has watched horses in pasture play the game by themselves just for kicks. As further described on page 17, the game of pushball has plenty of kicks.

Throwing a buckskin hip, the mount of Denny Love (left) blocks the way as pushball crunches to a halt in a game between Maricopa County and West Side sheriff posses in arena of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. Maricopa County pushed the hardest, won the match

West Side's Doc Dendy is thrown (above) as his enthusiastic quarter horse is carried away by the wild spirit of pushball.

Dendy, now under the ball (below), soon remounted unharmed. Players claim numerous spills make the game more "exciting"