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Herman Hickman says PASTE THESE IN YOUR HAT

•The outstanding single-wing tailback in the country this season will be Royce Flippin of Princeton. Handicapped by a broken right wrist for part of last season, he came back to score three touchdowns which defeated a superior Yale team. Look for him to break all of Kazmaier's existing records.

•The Southwest Conference race will be the closest in years. The sentiment seems to be that any team can win it except Texas A&M. I'll go farther and say so could the Aggies.

•Pro scouts take notice: there is a big, big tackle, 245 pounds of Norwegian brawn, at the University of North Dakota. Name: Steve Myrha.

•Remember this name—Dick Winterbauer. The 6-foot, 200-pound rising Yale sophomore quarterback may supplant last year's sensational sophomore, Dean Loucks, as a regular.

•When Lenny Moore passed his summer school philosophy course Penn State became one of the real powers in the East. He was the No. 2 ground gainer in the nation last season. The Negro left half is one of the most brilliant runners in the Nittany Lions' history.

•The passing combination of Len Dawson to Lamar Lundy at Purdue this year may become as famous as Friedman to Oosterbaan or Howell to Hutson. Coach Stu Holcomb's imaginative pass patterns as interpreted by Dawson last year were sensationally successful. The Boilermaker bombardiers are a good bet to repeat.

•Three of the great unsung line coaches are Ray Graves at Georgia Tech, Jim Myers at UCLA and Gomer Jones at Oklahoma. They mold All-America linemen like a master potter. Take your eyes from the ball carriers sometime for a few fleeting moments and watch how their products in the righting rows perform.