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During every one of the first 60 weeks of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S existence, one or more of the nation's finest stores has used our magazine as a colorful way to identify itself with the style and excitement of sport as a modern way of life. This is, I think, quite a compliment to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and to the influence and importance of our readers.

More than 1,000 stores in 500 communities have already used SPORTS ILLUSTRATED once or many times to adorn their windows and counters, or as a background to local community activities, such as sports events and fashion shows.

A Marshall Field executive recently gave us a good reason for this activity. He said: "Your Sporting Look reflects a way of living—practical, colorful, modern as this age of sports cars, glass houses and mechanical efficiency, and as typically American as the Fourth of July. It is one of the most significant looks of today."

This fall the pleasant autumnal picture of chrysanthemum-bearing coeds and their blanket-laden escorts, waving a SPORTS ILLUSTRATED banner such as the one above, may greet you from a department-store window. This will be "Football Weekend"—the 25th occasion on which leading stores have joined with SI in a promotion of this kind. More than 50 stores in every major city in the U.S. will participate. There you will find, as you do in the advertising pages of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, the products which contribute most to your own enjoyment of The Sporting Look.