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HICKMAN'S HUNCHES for Games of Saturday, Oct. 8

•Michigan vs. Army. Both teams were on my preseason Eleven Best Elevens. Both have stubborn defenses and are ground minded. The Wolverines have never beaten the Cadets. ARMY.

•Miami vs. Notre Dame. (Friday night.) Miami has long awaited the Fighting Irish's Orange Bowl visit. Possession of the ball is nine-tenths of the law but, NOTRE DAME.

•Navy vs. Pittsburgh. Pitt's prowling Panther gets more dangerous by the week but Navy is out to avenge last year's upset. NAVY.

•Auburn vs. Kentucky. The Tigers are off and running in their bid for national honors. Kentucky's Wildcats look menacing but...AUBURN.

•Purdue vs. Wisconsin. Wisconsin won easily from well-manned Iowa Saturday, while the big Boilermakers scraped by Minnesota. Now hold your breath for Hickman's Hot Hunch—the upset of the week...PURDUE.

•Texas vs. Oklahoma. The Sooners have not quite hit their stride, but they should get in step. OKLAHOMA.

•Washington vs. Southern California. This battle of the undefeated at Seattle should be the Trojans' toughest test so far. Still...SOUTHERN CAL.

•Louisiana State vs. Georgia Tech. Paul Dietzel's Tigers have been an SEC surprise. Undefeated Tech could be upset. Still, GEORGIA TECH.

•Michigan State vs. Stanford. The Indians sprang the biggest upset of the young season, beating the Buckeyes 6-0 Saturday. But Michigan State is not Ohio State. MICHIGAN STATE.

•UCLA vs. Oregon State. (Friday night.) Tommy Prothro, assistant to Red Sanders last year, brings his unbeaten Beavers south for a battle of single wings. UCLA.


TCU over Alabama
Colgate over Holy Cross
Baylor over Arkansas
Duke over William and Mary
Minnesota over Northwestern
Cornell over Harvard
Iowa over Indiana
Maryland over Wake Forest
Texas A&M over Nebraska
Ohio State over Illinois
Colorado over Oregon
Princeton over Pennsylvania
West Virginia over VMI
Yale over Columbia
Utah over Brigham Young

Last week's record: 21 right, 3 wrong, 1 tie
Record to date: 60-13-2