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The Question: What college sport do you most enjoy promoting? (Asked at the Chicago convention of the American College Public Relations Assn.)

LT. JOHN D. COLBRUNN, U.S. Air Force Academy
"Football. The game has more influence on our country's youth than any other college sport. From September through November, the traditions, rivalries, songs and cheers change the very tempo of living. Football typifies college spirit, which in turn has a great influence on American life."

WILES HALLOCK, University of Wyoming, President, ACPRA (sports section)
"Here in our area, the Rocky Mountain section, the college sport that can be best promoted is track and field, primarily because of the success of the AAU meet at Boulder this year. That created a tremendous interest in track, even though football and basketball are the big operations."

DAVE SCHULTHESS, Brigham Young University
"Track and field, the great proving ground for the Olympic ideal. This calls for top conditioning, moral courage, stamina and the finest in techniques. The records provide the greatest standards of athletic ability. There's always one to be broken. That's why we have a Roger Bannister."

FRED STABLEY, Michigan State
"Football. First, it's the bread and butter of a publicist's job. But apart from that, it's the most thrilling part of my work. You do the most traveling, see the most people and interest the most experts in press, radio and television. When the season unfurls all its pageantry, all your efforts are repaid."

W. HENRY JOHNSTON, Harvard Past President, ACPRA
"All 19 sports, but only in their seasons. I do have a special interest in baseball, our national game. After it crowded the ball parks in Boston, college baseball reached a low ebb. But it's on its way back. In my small way I enjoy helping to bring back such an interesting and worthwhile sport."

JIM COOGAN, Penn State
"We have a very well-rounded program. Although football is the big operation, I can get enthusiastic about sports off the beaten track. So can our students. I get a lot of pleasure promoting such sports as wrestling, gymnastics, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, etc."

JACK SCOTT, University of Houston
"I like promoting all sports. If I have a favorite promotion, it's football because it's king. It brings out the best in people. The American code of sportsmanship evolved on the gridiron. You can't give people enough football. That's why promoting the sport makes life all the more enjoyable."

ELGIN WHITE, Florida State University
"I really enjoy pushing all sports, particularly at an institution like Florida State, because we include on an intercollegiate level such sports as volleyball and gymnastics. We won the national championship in both sports this past year. However I feel that football provides the big spirited drive."

ART LENTZ, University of Wisconsin
"There's a letdown in college spirit at the end of the football season because of its success and its many contacts. Therefore I welcome the challenge in promoting basketball and boxing in an effort to continue the high point of interest where football left off. Here we have to work."

ART LITCHMAN, University of Oregon
"Baseball. We have a good program which has given us championship teams. Our students and townspeople give us loyal support. Thousands attend. Our teams are colorful. There's no problem promoting anything that is a success, particularly when it's a great sport like baseball."

NED WEST, Georgia Tech
"I like promoting all sports because I enjoy associating with people who patronize and work with sports. Nothing is as wonderful as sports to keep you alive and interested. But football is the biggest draw, creates most enthusiasm and gives me more opportunity for this association."





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