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SO—season opened (or opens); SC—season closed (or closes). C—clear water; D—water dirty or roily; M—water muddy. N—water at normal height; SH—slightly high; H—high; VH—very high; L—low; R—rising; F—falling. WT50—water temperature 50°. FG—fishing good; FF—fishing fair; FP—fishing poor. OG—outlook good; OF—outlook fair; OP—outlook poor.

STRIPED BASS: MASSACHUSETTS: Mrs. Serge Desamov of Hampton Bays, Long Island held lead in Martha's Vineyard bass derby with 44-pound 13-ounce striper at press time. Fastest action at Cape Cod last week was at Provincetown, from Race Point to Peaked Hill; surf fishermen were taking mixed bags of bass and blues at Nauset Beach; both spots should continue producing, with best results at night, on plugs and eelskins. For trophy bass, try below cliffs at Scituate.

VIRGINIA: Potomac River is swarming with pan-size stripers, and first frost should bring larger bass into tidewater.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Stripers schooling well in both Santee-Cooper Lakes; anglers are making fine catches on nylon bucktails as gulls advertise bass whereabouts.

NEW JERSEY: FG generally in surf along northern coast, with hottest spots Deal, Sea Bright and Sandy Hook. The favorite lure of most avid fishermen is black-and-white "torpedo" plug cast on spinning outfit (too light for squidding tackle); best action is at daybreak and dusk, and OF/G.

TROUT: MINNESOTA: FF/G and OF for rainbows in north-shore-of-Lake-Superior streams.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: FVG in interior lakes, with Glimpse and LeJeune among hotter spots. Cutthroats are now in lower mainland and Vancouver Island streams, with a few showing on the Fraser bars; OF/G.

MONTANA: Missouri, Yellowstone, Madison. Flathead, Blackfoot and other big rivers producing sensationally and all trout waters in excellent shape; if you hate crowds now's your chance, as streams are almost deserted on account of hunting season. Best fishing at midday. OVG.

MICHIGAN: FP on Manistee below Tippy, with meager catches in High Bridge area; agent says situation should improve about Oct. 15 in this and other rainbow streams, as big run should come in last two weeks of this month; meanwhile OP/F.

CALIFORNIA: Fishiest spot on east slope of Sierra is Hot Creek, where big browns should maintain enthusiasm for small dry flies until SC Oct. 31. Owens River from Benton's Crossing to Arcularius Ranch FG, OG; most of the big fish are taken on bait, but experts do nicely on streamers and nymphs. June Lake loop is still a good bet; OG for this water and upper Rush Creek. West slope streams FF, but upper Kern, Merced and Kaweah are holding up well, and OF/G. For best late-season fishing, try Lassen Park waters.

NEW MEXICO: Trout fishing is best in several months throughout state. FG and OVG in Pecos and Chama areas, with dry flies favored. Fenton Lake producing sizeable browns, and OG. Upper Rio Grande, Red and Cimarron rivers in excellent shape, and outlook is best since last spring.

IDAHO: FG and OG generally in northern part of state. In central Idaho Slate and Bighorn creeks produced well last week. FVG in eastern Snake River (Thousand Springs area), with trout rising greedily to gray-hackled, yellow-bodied fly and spurning few patterns. Trollers found good sport in Henry's Lake and Island Park Reservoir last week, and OG next 10 days.

SNOOK: FLORIDA: Some monstrous snook are loitering under Tarpon Center dock at Venice Inlet, but can't nobody catch them, laments spy; you can pick up some booby-prize 5-pounders off the jetty, on spin-lures or popping fly-rod lures.

PACIFIC SALMON: BRITISH COLUMBIA: Saltwater fishing for silvers still good off Campbell River, Comox and Parksville. while Cowichan run continues to build and improve. FG at mouths of Oyster and Qualicums. Lower mainland and Cheakamus River agent says fish are already in and giving sport. A few spring salmon are reported off Comox. In general OG but tapering off (except for Cowichan, now approaching peak of season).

WASHINGTON: Silver salmon to 18 pounds providing wonderful sport in Hood Canal, with hottest spots in Seal Rock area. Hoodsport and Tahuya runs approaching peak, due soon. FF in Tacoma waters, and last Sunday's rains should have stepped up action.

OREGON: Heavy rains last weekend should have started runs up rivers by now, but pessimistic spy says OP/F.

CALIFORNIA: FG outside Golden Gate when winds slack off; meanwhile trollers are doing well inside, especially at Red Rock area. Klamath and Trinity rivers have abundant fish, but need rains to move them upstream. Salmon to 30 pounds have been taken from Dugan's and Fullmore pools at mouth of Eel River, but rains are required to spur run; until then, OF.

BROADBILL SWORDFISH : NEW JERSEY: When Robert L. Johnson of Bay Head saw 3-foot 10-inch swordfish feeding on mullet in backwash of surf near his home, he gave chase, caught it in his hands. At American Museum of Natural History, ichthyologist Francesca La Monte said it was smallest broadbill ever reported in the western North Atlantic.

MUSKELLUNGE: PENNSYLVANIA: French Creek muskies were on rampage last week, and O is still G for bait and plug fishermen. At Canadohta Lake in Crawford County, Adam Spanger of Pittsburgh dunked a worm in the water, had a nibble, hauled out 22-pound, 48-inch muskellunge. OG for most musky waters in western Pennsylvania and improving after first heavy frost.

MINNESOTA: Fishing may be terrific, says spy, but he can't tell as everybody (including spy) has gone duck hunting.

NEW YORK: Bernie Anderson, veteran live-bait dealer in Jamestown, used some of his own merchandise to haul out 53-inch, 42½-pound Chautauqua Lake muskellunge from weed beds off Vukote last week; SC Oct. 15.

WISCONSIN: Cold weather arrived in north last week and muskies OG. Many small fish reported from Eagle River and Rhinelander areas, especially Mann, Partridge, Big and Little Arbor Vitae and Crescent lakes. In Hayward area, Couderay and Round lakes are giving up a few over-30-pounders on bucktails.

ONTARIO: Muskies taking wobblers briskly on western shore of Lake Nipissing as waters turn icy; local experts prefer rocky shoal on a rainy morning for sure strikes at this time of year.

TUNA: MASSACHUSETTS: Several bluefins over 700 pounds taken in Cape Cod Bay traps last week but only two (both under 80 pounds) taken by rod and reel. Best areas for school fish are from Chatham around Monomoy Point and out to Pollock Rip, where up to 20 per boat are still being caught.