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HICKMAN'S HUNCHES for Games of Saturday, Oct. 15

•Michigan State vs. Notre Dame. Surprising Spartans swamped Stanford after out-statisticking Michigan previous week. Toughest test to date for unscored-on Irish. Still, NOTRE DAME.

•Georgia Tech vs. Auburn. The two top teams in the SEC. Auburn could do it, but I'll take...GEORGIA TECH.

•Yale vs. Cornell. Undefeated Bulldogs boast fast backs and fine line. The better line wins. YALE.

•Southern Cal. vs. Wisconsin (Friday night). Unbeaten Badgers come west looking for new worlds to conquer. Next trip to Rose Bowl? WISCONSIN.

•Southern Methodist vs. Rice. Preseason picks meet in SWC championship fight. Neither has shown expected strength. RICE.

•Texas Christian vs. Texas A&M. The Aggies, after losing to UCLA, have plowed through all opposition. Both teams loom larger each week, but the pick has to be...TCU.

•Ohio State vs. Duke. Another tough one. Initial impulse is Duke but, remembering last season, OHIO STATE.

•Washington vs. Baylor. The Baylor Bears have fallen only to mighty Maryland. The hungry Huskies devour all opposition. Seattle rains could mean the difference. WASHINGTON.

•Penn State vs. Navy. With George Welsh directing the fire power, Navy has blasted all opposition thus far. The Nittany Lions will offer first Army-Navy cross-section preview. NAVY.

•North Carolina vs. Maryland. The Terrible Terps continue to roll. Eyes are fixed on the Orange Bowl and Oklahoma. Tarheels will do little to obstruct the view MARYLAND.


Princeton over Colgate
Utah over Denver (Friday night)
Army over Syracuse
Harvard over Columbia
Minnesota over Illinois
Indiana over Villanova
Michigan over Northwestern
Purdue over Iowa
Oklahoma over Kansas
UCLA over Stanford
Mississippi over Tulane
W. Virginia over William and Mary
Wyoming over Tulsa
Kentucky over Mississippi State
LSU over Florida

Last week's record: 20 right, 4 wrong, 1 tie
Record to date: 80-17-3