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Particularly for the average golfer


One of the prime fundamentals of golf which every player attempts to put into practice is to keep his eye on the ball. However, there is the average golfer—and he is countless—who, while keeping his eyes fixed on the ball, does not reap the benefits he should because he moves his head. In the correct address and swing, the head should always be held steady, of course, for when a golfer moves it, he throws his balance off and subtracts altogether from the soundness of his swing.

What, then, is the best way to go about anchoring your head so that it will remain in a steady position throughout the swing? The key move is dropping your chin, relaxing your neck and letting your chin fall until it practically forms a double chin. From this position you may get the feeling that you are looking at the ball from the top of your eyes, almost as if you were peering over the top of the rims of a pair of spectacles—and this is precisely the feeling you should get. One additional point: keep your eye on the back of the ball. If you stay with this position until it becomes second nature, you will learn for yourself how vast the difference is when you keep your eye on the ball and keep your head firmly anchored.

from RIP ARNOLD, Cherry Hills Country Club, Denver, Colo.



Front and side views of the head position which Rip Arnold advocates