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HICKMAN'S HUNCHES for Games of Saturday, Nov. 5

•Illinois vs. Michigan: The Illini have come a long way since last season buy the Wolverines don't know when they are beaten and won't be this week...MICHIGAN.

•Yale vs. Army: Elis have the potential to avenge last year's rout, but Holleder is learning fast and the West Point defense is sturdy...ARMY.

•Texas A & M vs. SMU: The amazing Aggies were finally slowed down by Arkansas. The Mustangs are bigge and more experienced...SOUTHERN METHODIST.

•Navy vs. Duke: What a difference two weeks make. Now both have been soundly thrashed. Welsh will rise again...NAVY.

•Iowa vs. Minnesota: Against the Trojans and Wolverines, Minnesota once again became the giant of the North. The Hawkeyes are due. An upset...IOWA.

•Missouri vs. Oklahoma: The same old story. Missouri will fight hard but the Sooners will make it 26 in a row...OKLAHOMA.

•Penn State vs. Syracuse: The Orange men are riding high. The Nittany Lion in their home lair will cause trouble but not enough...SYRACUSE.

•Tennessee vs. Georgia Tech: The young Volunteers are making an unbelievable stretch drive with four win in a row. Much closer than you think but...GEORGIA TECH.

•Maryland vs. LSU: Possibility her of the biggest upset of the season. The Bayou boys have been dangerous all year, but...MARYLAND.

•Purdue vs. Michigan State: The Boilermakers are big and can run at pass, but I'll have to stick with the conquerors of Notre Dame...MICHIGAN STATE.


West Va. over Geo. Wash. (Fri. night)
Miami (Fla.) over Bost. C. (Fri. night)
Princeton over Harvard
Notre Dame over Penn
Pitt over Virginia
Auburn over Miss. State
Florida over Georgia
Texas over Baylor
Ohio State over Indiana
Wisconsin over Northwestern
Washington over California
UCLA over College of Pacific
Oregon State over Idaho
Kentucky over Vanderbilt
Tulane over Alabama

Last week's record:

20 right, 4 wrong, 1 tie
Record to date: 128-41-6