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There is a very special look to the clothes worn at field trials. They are the products of necessity and a love for dogs. The pictures on the next four pages were taken at a two-day cocker and springer spaniel field trial, held by the Cocker Spaniel Club of Long Island at Marshall Field's estate at Lloyd's Neck, Long Island. They illustrate the functional quality of these clothes. On the Saturday of the trial a steady autumn rain soaked the field and the dogs, but not the followers. They were well protected by weatherproof ponchos, jackets, hats and trousers. The next day, Sunday, was perfect, and for tramping through the cover after the dogs, the large gallery, the guns and the judges wore brush pants, leather-faced against the briars, gaiters or boots. The hats the men wear to such an event are decorated with the badges of the various field trial clubs at which they have shot, judged or won ribbons.

Owner Dr. Samuel Milbank "casts off" a springer spaniel for the last series, watched by Judges Henry P. Davis and Robert Moulton. Dr. Milbank, a past president of the Westminster Kennel Club, wears custom-made field clothes of Burberry cloth.

Handler Luke Medlin presents retrieved pheasant to Judge Davis to show dog has a soft mouth. Davis' hat is a Tyrolean.

Host Marshall Field, a Labrador fancier, talks dogs with Robert McLean, publisher of Philadelphia Bulletin, a spaniel man.

Gun captain Hartwell S. Moore wears a bemedaled shooting hat, rainproof jacket against the contrary weather.

Spectator Mrs. Robert McLean, in tweed suit and English gaiters, relaxes on shooting stick. Ernest Burton (cover) wears Gokey boots.

Winner Mrs. Joseph C. Quirk, in her English tweeds and Newmarket boots, talks with Mrs. Kingsley Kunhardt.

Gun H. Godwin Stevenson Jr. wears poplin shooting jacket, with red on his collar for safety, leather-faced field trial pants and a Tyrolean hat.

Trainer Arthur Eakin and his wife are dressed for the high brush cover of the field, he in leather-faced pants, she in kilt and knee socks.

Gun Robert S. Moore's deerstalker's hat, his yellow rubber jacket and shell belt are practical wet-weather gear.

Gun John de Braganza shoots in a 20-year-old hand-woven Bavarian shooting coat of Loden cloth, with horn buttons and leather patches.

Spectator Mrs. Dean Bedford does needlepoint as she follows trials. Mrs. Charles Greening wears ladies' field suit.

Judge Henry P. Davis props on a shooting stick during break. For rainy day he wears a waterproof U.S. Navy parka, felt hat.

Winners Mr. and Mrs. Albert Winslow watch the trials. Their champion dog, Pin, was first place in open all-age cocker stake.

Owners Mr. and Mrs. Henry Berol have a lunchtime toast on station-wagon tail gate. The Berols own 75 American cockers.

Owners Mr. and Mrs. Peter Garvan dry off after a four-hour tramp through rain-soaked field. They breed show and field dogs.