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HICKMAN'S HUNCHES for Games of Saturday, Nov. 19

•Michigan vs. Ohio State: A win for the Wolverines means the Rose Bowl. Opportunist Howard Cassady and his ground-minded crew from Columbus will be playing for the Blue Chips but...MICHIGAN.

•Southern Cal vs. UCLA: The Bruins showed the stuff champions are made of by beating Washington in last minute of play. Rose Bowl bound...UCLA.

•Yale vs. Harvard: The Cantabs can win the Big Three title by beating the Bulldogs, but Yale will come storming back...YALE.

•Nebraska vs. Oklahoma: On paper this sounds like a natural, but Sooners write another language...OKLAHOMA.

•Texas Christian vs. Rice: The Horned Frogs edged closer to the Cotton Bowl by blasting Texas 47-20 Saturday. Anything can happen in the SWC but I'll take...TCU.

•Kentucky vs. Tennessee: Unbeaten in the last six games, the young Volunteers meet the talented but in-and-out Wildcats. Kentucky's no kissing cousin but...TENNESSEE.

•Penn State vs. Pittsburgh: If Pitt's great ends, Joe Paluck and Joe Walton, can contain Lenny Moore a victory should be assured...PITTSBURGH.

•Indiana vs. Purdue: The Hoosiers will shoot the works on this one, but the big Boilermakers have too much and Len Dawson, too...PURDUE.

•Princeton vs. Dartmouth: Tigers can take the Ivy League crown by winning this one, but Bob Blackman's boys from Hanover are capable. Still...PRINCETON.

•Notre Dame vs. Iowa: Iowa is traditionally tough in this one. It's the perfect spot for an upset but, as I've said before, Notre Dame is...NOTRE DAME.


Miami (Fla.) over Alabama (Friday)
Duke over Wake Forest
Oregon State over Oregon
Maryland over George Washington
Michigan State over
Marquette Wisconsin over Minnesota
Illinois over Northwestern
Stanford over California
Washington over Washington State
North Carolina over Virginia
Lehigh over Lafayette
West Virginia over Syracuse
Vanderbilt over Florida
Missouri over Kansas
LSU over Arkansas

Last week's record:

19 right, 6 wrong, 0 ties
Record to date: 163-54-8