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For all over-80 golfers

If I were to select one idea or thought for golfers of all playing abilities except perhaps the good golfer, it would be this: Develop an easy, relaxed manner of taking your grip, walking up to the ball, soling the club, moving into the waggle and the forward press, and then and only then, swinging the club. Every good player has a distinct rhythmic movement in the address and waggle before he starts his swing. It is so well coordinated and blends into his backswing so easily that it is not noticeable, or seems not to be, to the average player watching. It has become part of his swing from imitating good players as a youngster or simply from trying to feel a coordinated movement before starting the swing. Many good players have worked hours at a time changing their preliminary movements to achieve a more coordinated swing. If these preliminary movements are so necessary in a good player's swing, then they certainly should be helpful in improving the swing of an average player.

Remember: The beginning movements of your swing start the moment you first sole your club to the ball. From that moment on, there should be no point at which you come to a complete stop before you start a swing from the ball. You cannot develop a powerful, smooth, rhythmical swing from a still position. You have to be in motion, and you have to keep yourself in motion until you move into your backswing.

from CHARLES (CHUCK) CONGDON, Tacoma Country and Golf Club, Tacoma, Wash.



Chuck Congdon moves into his swing