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8—A. Y. Owen, Robert Riger, Hy Peskin, Richard Meek
10—Roy Bash
14, 15—drawings by Ajay
30—Mike Freeman from Gilloon Agency, A.P.
31—Jay B. Leviton-Black Star
39—drawing by John Langley Howard
41—Lawrence Schiller
43—William LeFevre
63—drawing by Fred Eng
64—toe fitting from Porath and Magneheim, N.Y.; Garmisch-Hydro boot from Sig Buchmayr, N.Y.; Dynamic-R ski from le Trappeur, Boston; safety toe iron from Norse House, N.Y.
65—Head ski and Tey Tape from Norse House, N.Y.; Eriksen ski from Scandinavian Shop, N.Y.
67—courtesy Mrs. Jay K. Secor
69—U. P.
70—Morris Rosenfeld
71—National Audubon Society
72—Robert Halmi, Dick Hanley