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Sergeant George Evans, 52, of the Darien, Conn. Police Department has never won a trap shooting championship but his students do. He is pictured above with three of his current pupils (left to right): Mrs. George Windsor, Mrs. Lucian Bloom and Mrs. C. Stanley Bouton. The sergeant's coaching talent lies in his ability to pass along the finer points without them rubbing off on himself. Primarily, however, his students are women who want to accompany their husbands on hunting trips and need a short course in gun handling to prepare for the field. That suits Evans just fine. "I think shooting is definitely a woman's game," he says. "They're most likely to be steady as far as nerves go."

Brown-eyed Peter Kreindler of Liberty, N.Y. has all it takes to become an Olympic speed-skating champ along about 1966. The son of David Kreindler, the manager of Grossinger's Hotel in the Catskills, 10-year-old Peter is one of the star pupils of Irving Jaffee, the Grossinger coach and three-time Olympic speed-skating champion. So far, the youngster has taken first-place ribbons in the Middle Atlantic, New Jersey State, Eastern States and Silver Skates championships. But Peter does not rest on his laurels. He knows it takes hard work to be a winner. When he isn't practicing on the Grossinger rink, he's out pedaling a bicycle over Catskill Mountain roads to strengthen his leg muscles.