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LS—depth of snow on lower slopes; US—depth of snow on upper slopes; TD—total snowfall during the week days; TW—total snowfall during the weekend; CD—crowd during the week; CW—crowd during the weekend; CL—closed trails or slopes


Stowe, Vt.: Toll Road, Standard and Upper Lord trails open on Mt. Mansfield; Sterling and T-bar slope open on Spruce Peak. Mansfield chair running daily, Spruce chair weekends. LS 7 to 9, US 11 to 14, TW 2, CW 1,300.

Mad River Glen, Vt.: Chair starts Dec. 17, fair skiing on Catamount, Porcupine, Chipmunk and new Bunny Hop trails. Brightly colored ski pants turning up on slopes. LS 4 to 8, US 5 to 15.

Mt. Snow, Vt.: Lower rope tow open, lower chairs to run as soon as heavier cover comes. LS 6, US 12 to 24, CW 150.

Big Bromley, Vt.: Area will open Dec. 17 if snow cover warrants. Wild Boar Restaurant has added sun deck with serving counter overlooking slopes.

Eastern Slopes, N.H.: At Cranmore, South Slope and new East Slope open. Skimobile made first run last weekend. New chair lift to start Dec. 17. LS 3 to 5, US 4 to 5, CD 1,000, CW 2,500. At Black Mt., J-bar ran last weekend. Chair will operate Dec. 18. At Thorn Mt., lift opens Dec. 26. At Intervale, Pomalift to open Dec. 28.

Cannon Mt., N.H.: Area closed until more snow arrives. Forty-meter jump for Junior Nationals completed. Major reconstruction on U.S. Highway 3 cuts time to Boston.

Belknap, N.H.: Chair and T-bar not running, but ropes operated on Viking and beginner's slopes. Swiss instructor Tommy Schmid will head ski school here.

Mt. Tremblant, Que.: Sissy Schuss and Lowell Thomas opened. LS 11 to 15, US 16 to 24, TD 8 to 10, CW 200.

Lac Beauport, Que.: All lifts operating. LS 10, US 15, TW 10, CW 1,500.

Jasper, Que.: T-bar opened Dec. 9. LS 12, US 18, CW 250.

Snow Ridge, N.Y.: New T-bar scheduled to run Dec. 17. Pomalift and ropes already running. LS 4, US 6, CW 2,500.

Whiteface, N.Y.: All lifts closed but upper mountain skied by a few climbers. LS 1 to 2.

Laurel Ridge, Pa.: T-bar operating. LS 2 to 8, CW 1,000.


Boyne Mt., Mich.: Official opening Dec. 26. New 42-room lodge and cocktail lounge being completed.

Rib Mt., Wis.: Tows operating daily on open slope. LS 3 to 4, CW 300.

Terry Peak, S. Dak.: Stewart Slope rope opened. Chair will run Dec. 18. Nordic Olympic squad here Jan. 7-8. LS 24 to 32, US 24 to 32, CW 150.


Alta, Utah: Open since Nov. 19 with best powder snow on Rustler and Wildcat. Collins lift extended to level of Germania lift base. New shelter at top of Collins. Girls wearing more red ski pants than last year. LS 77, US 77, TD 23.

Brighton, Utah: All trails open. New double chair will open Dec. 17. LS 64, US 78, TD 12, CW 3,900.

Sun Valley, Idaho: Official opening Dec. 17. Early ski birds already cruising Galena and Baldy. New expert run on Baldy, the Holiday, starts from Ridge Run. LS 8, Baldy, US 34; Round House, US 6 to 26.

Aspen, Col.: Denver U. team in training here for two weeks. National alpine training camp for juniors opens Dec. 18 with Dave Lawrence and Gale Spence as coaches. Bavarian sweater with full zipper a new and popular item on slopes. LS 15 to 20, US 30 to 40.

Arapahoe Basin, Col.: All slopes open. Rocky Mt. News Ski School gave lessons to 1,000 last weekend. Bamboo ski poles reappearing. LS 33 to 37, US 38 to 43.

Banff, Alta.: Lone Pine and Memorial Bowl all excellent, North American packed. New 85-room Timberline Lodge open on Mt. Norquay. LS 6, US 8, CW 1,200.

Santa Fe, N. Mex.: Open slope lift and tow running, all over lifts closed. LS 15, US 24.

Big Mt., Mont.: Mullys Mile, Hell Roaring and Dope Slope have packed powder. Pneumatic boots and shorter skis gaining favor. LS 21 to 26, US 24 to 36, CW 360.

Teton Pass, Wyo.: Rope tow servicing early skiing here. LS 20 to 26, US 30 to 38.


Squaw Valley, Calif.: All lifts open. Good skiing on Head Wall, Great White Way. Sunset Boulevard has best packed powder. LS 18 to 24, US 5 to 46, CW 500.

Big Bear, Calif.: Lynn and Snow Summit closed for lack of cover last weekend. Artificial snow, made with open-air spray system, used by 1,000 skiers at Moonridge during week.

Mt. Hood, Ore.: Heavy rain turned snow to wet pack last weekend. New double chair scheduled to operate Dec. 25. Austria's Pepi Gabl, late of Stowe, is new Timberline instructor. LS 70 to 72, US 78 to 82, CW 1,500.

Stevens Pass, Wash.: Area open weekends only. Jeanette Burr Bray, Pete Kennedy and 18 others out of field of 80 named to Seattle Jaycee racing team. LS 80 to 85, CW 200.

Mt. Baker, Wash.: Rains kept most skiers in lodges, although a few, wearing ponchos, were out on Heather Trail and Austin Pass. LS 84, CW 200. CL—Chute Run.

Grouse Mt., B.C.: Lower chair, Blueberry J-bar closed. Head and Hart metal skis popular. LS 30 to 40, US 54 to 68, CW 900.

Slide Mt., Nev.: Chair and rope tow running weekends, daily operations to start Dec. 17. Big Bonanza Run best skiing. LS 12 to 20, US 20 to 36, CW 400. CL—Gold Run, Silver Dollar.