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LS—depth of snowon lower slopes; US—depth of snow on upper slopes; TD—total snowfall during theweek days; TW—total snowfall during the weekend; CD—crowd during the week;CW—crowd during the weekend; CL—closed trails or slopes


Sugar Bowl,Calif.: Fine skiing on opening weekend—powder snow on 4-foot packed base. Allruns opened. Lodge enlarged to include new lobby and cocktail lounge. LS 60, US72, TD 12, CW 2,000.

Big Bear Lake,Calif.: 600-foot rope at Moon-ridge serviced all skiing here. Ski school has120 entered, many using inexpensive steel-edge skis from Japan.

Badger Pass,Calif.: All runs had packed base at Dec. 16 opening. LS 36, US 38, CW1,600.

Squaw Valley,Calif.: Skiing good everywhere on mountain, all trails have powder. North Bowland Flying Saucer especially good. LS 34, US 60, TD 0, TW 28, CD 200, CW600.

Mt. Hood, Ore.:Snow and freezing rain hit lower mountain and heavy winds swept higherelevations during week. Racers here for Arnold Lunn downhill favored Kneisslskis. At Timberline LS 78, US 84, TD 4, CD 100, CW 2,000. At Gov't. Camp LS 30,US 32, TD 0, TW 2, CD 100, CW 800.

Stevens Pass,Wash.: New chair run for first time Dec. 18. Area open on weekends only. LS 88,TD 5, TW 10, CW 2,300.

Mt. Baker, Wash.:Peanut tow opened and all other lifts operating. Best skiing on north side ofPanorama, Austin and Heather. Pan Face newly stabilized against avalanches. LS80, TD 15, TW 0, CW 500. CL—Chute.


Aspen, Col.: Alltrails packed, powder best on Bell Mt.. heaviest traffic on Little Nell. Boys,girls from all over nation, hand-picked as future Olympic material, on mountainfor NSA training camp. Denver U. won four-event college meet with HenningArstal and Lou Halsell taking slalom and downhill. LS 15 to 20, US 30 to 40, TD6, TW 0, CW 500.

Arapahoe Basin,Col.: All slopes open with ski conditions the best in three years. Davis hassmooth-packed surface, lower trails packed powder and upper trails loosepowder. LS 40 to 48, US 45 to 55, TD 7, TW 5, CD 100, CW 500.

Sun Valley,Idaho: Area officially opened with excellent skiing last weekend. Dollarimproved by removal of cornice from Cat Track. Ski school instructors settingstyle with Bogner-designed maroon poplin parkas with light navy blue trim.Bogner elastic pants also going well. On the slopes: Burt Lancaster, CornellWilde and families. Baldy LS 12 to 18, US 34. Dollar LS 12 to 14, Valley floor7 to 10.

Alta, Utah: Allslopes open and packed near the lifts. Deep snow skiing has been smooth exceptfor occasional wind crust. LS 77, US 77, TD 3, TW 9, CD 500, CW 500.

Brighton, Utah:Mt. Majestic double chair opened last weekend. Snow on heavy side, but stillpowdery. Chains needed on access roads. Some skiers using the AustrianBatenhofer boot, which has comfortable lacing up side instead of across arch ofboot. LS 80, US 94, TD 3, CD 575, CW 1,875.

Big Mt., Mont.:Icy crust and chill wind reduced crowds here during week. Diehard skiers out inrelative shelter of Ravine Run. LS 23 to 27, US 25 to 37, TW 2, CD 30, CW80.

Snow King, Wyo.:Chair opened Dec. 18 for daily operation. All trails open. Teton Pass ropeclosed. LS 10 to 12, US 22 to 24, TW 8.


Rib Mt., Wis.: Ahundred skiers on hand in spite of sub-zero weather for first two days of nightskiing. Slopes good but cover on trails is thin and unskiable. LS 5 to 6, US 4,CW 1,100.

Sheltered Valley,Wis.: Poma operating daily. Zero weather all week. LS 8 to 10, US 8 to 10.

Terry Peak, S.Dak.: Excellent early season skiing. Everything open but temperatures have beendropping to 10 below. LS 21, US 28.


Eastern SlopeRegion, N.H.: At Cranmore, chair lift and Hannes Schneider Trail opened afterdedication at which Ski Enthusiast Lowell Thomas was speaker. Skimobile andchair running daily. Pomalift still under construction. East, North, Southslopes and Rattlesnake Trail open. LS 1 to 4, US 1 to 4, CD 175, CW 2,100. AtBlack Mt., chair and J-bar running daily, all slopes open. Attenhofer Metallicski gaining popularity here. LS 2 to 4, US 2 to 4, CW 450. Thorn Mt. opens Dec.26.

Mt. Sunapee,N.H.: Now in daily operation with Beck Brook trail open. Base cafeteriaredesigned for faster operation. LS 4, US 4, CW 500.

Cannon Mt., N.H.:Lower Cannon and Ravine trails, lower T-bar and rope open on weekends. 150cross-country and jump contestants on hand for last weekend's preseason meet.Reservations filling up for holidays. LS 3 to 15, US 3 to 20, TD 10, CW200.

Stowe, Vt.: Alllifts operating daily from now on. Toll Road, Tyro, Standard and upper Lordopen on Mansfield. Sterling and T-bar slope on Spruce. Head most popular metalski in area. Increasing demand for Stowe Safety Binding. LS 17, US 22, TD 12,TW 2, CD 200, CW 1,300.

Mt. Snow, Vt.:Two lower chair lifts opened for weekend, upper chair scheduled for Dec. 25.Rossignol skis catching on here. LS 4 to 8, US 6 to 18, TD 6, CW 1,000.CL—upper trails.

Mad River Glen,Vt.: Chair opened last weekend with Porcupine and Bunny trails packed out forthe weekend crowd. All trails and slopes will be packed by Dec. 25. Knittedsweaters reappearing. Fast skiers using bamboo poles. LS 10 to 15, US 10 to 24,TD 18, CW 200.

Pico Peak, Vt.:T-bar and rope operating. LS 6, US 10 to 12, TD 8, TW 3, CW 800.

Big Bromley, Vt.:New Pomalift opened last weekend, and lower chair also ran. Lower Boulevard andLord's Prayer trails open. LS 4 to 8, US 4 to 8, TD 8, CW 500.

Lake Placid,N.Y.: Pomas at Fawn Ridge, Scott's Cobble and T-bar at Whitney all open. Hotelswell booked for holidays. Bobsled run opens Dec. 24 with U.S. Olympians topractice. LS 6 to 10, US 10 to 14. CL—Old MacDonald.

Snow Ridge, N.Y.:New T-bar and South slope operated for first time last weekend. First servicesheld in skier's chapel. LS 12, US 24, TD 11, TW 3, CD 250, CW 2,200.

Belleayre, N.Y.:Chair and rope tows operating daily, all trails open, but thin spots here andthere. New 300-foot rope tow installed on bunny slope. LS 2 to 6, US 6 to 8, CW1,600.

Mt. Tremblant,Que.: New T-bar opened, all other lifts running, but cover has been only fair.Hudson Bay Indian Sweater seen increasingly here. LS 15 to 18, US 19 to 27, TD4, TW 0, CD 150, CW 250. CL—Devil's River, Taschereau, Kandahar, Ryan.

Jasper, Que.:Best conditions in 10 years prevail. LS 18 to 28, CD 100, CW 500.CL—Castor.

Lac Beauport,Que.: All lifts open. Excellent powder skiing during past week. Sunny weatherhas kept roads dry and clear. LS 12 to 16, US 14 to 18, TD 5, TW 0, CD 150, CW1,500.

Laurel Ridge,Pa.: All lifts operating. New Jersey skiers here in force. LS 2 to 6, US 2 to6, TD 6, TW 1, CD 1,100.