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LS—depth of snow on lower slopes; US—depth of snow on upper slopes; TD—total snowfall during the week days; TW—total snowfall during the weekend; CD—crowd during the week; CW—crowd during the weekend; CL—closed trails or slopes


Mt. Snow, Vt.: Temperature rose from 20 below to 60 above last weekend, leaving some bare spots. Extreme cold during week made mountain underwear of woven net popular with chair-lift riders. LS 2 to 4, US 4 to 8, TD 3, CW 500. CL—upper trails.

Stowe, Vt.: At Mansfield, Toll Road, Tyro, Standard, and upper Lord trails open. At Spruce Peak, Sterling, Main Street and T-bar slope open. The Depot, new skier's nightclub with capacity of 300, now open in the village. LS 18, US 24, TD 2, TW 0, CD 600, CW 1,500.

Mad River Glen, Vt.: Skiing good, but during week temperatures ranged from zero to 20 below, cutting size of normal holiday crowds. Mild thaw over weekend. LS 8 to 20, US 24 to 50, TD 3, TW 2, CD 100, CW 300.

Big Bromley, Vt.: Weekend thaw thinned cover, after seven days of powder skiing. LS 1 to 6, US 1 to 6, TD 1, TW 0, CD 550, CW 1,400.

Eastern Slope Region, N.H.: Crowds cut by week of subzero weather. At Cranmore LS 1 to 3, US 1 to 3, TD 1, TW 2, CD 175, CW 200. At Black Mt. LS 3 to 6, US 3 to 6, TD 2, TW 2, CD 75. At Thorn Mt. LS 3 to 6, US 3 to 6.

Cannon Mt., N.H.: Lower Cannon, Taft slalom, upper and lower Ravine and Hardscrabble open. Bright-colored skis a new note here. LS 1 to 21, US 3 to 25.

Mt. Tremblant, Que.: Still some bare spots last weekend, but all lifts operating. All ski instructors using bamboo poles. LS 18 to 19, TD 1, CD 400, CW 600.

Jasper, Que.: LS 16, US 28, TD 4, CD 180, CW 550. CL—Castor.

Lake Placid, N.Y.: Fawn Ridge, Scotts Cobble, Old MacDonalds, Whitney lifts operating. Skiers in private planes have been landing on Mirror Lake. U.S. Olympic jumping squad arrived for Sno Bird meet Jan. 1. Ceremonies Dec. 30 will crown Dodger Pitcher Johnny Podres as King Winter. LS 4 to 7, US 7 to 12.

Whiteface, N.Y.: LS 0 to 3, US 6 to 20. CL—lower trails and tows. Ski center furnishing transportation to upper slopes.

Belleayre, N.Y.: Chair operating last weekend, in spite of bare spots. LS 0 to 2, US 6, TD 6, TW 0, CD 500, CW 1,500. CL—rope tows.

Snow Ridge, N.Y.: Area has fine base cover. LS 6, US 12, CW 600.

Laurel Mt., Pa.: During week Ligonier, Laurel, Wildcat, Dream Highway hard packed and fast. Thaw over weekend closed slopes.


Terry Peak, S.Dak.: Heat wave reduced cover, left icy surface last weekend. LS 6 to 8, US 8 to 10, CW 100. CL—chair lift.

Sheltered Valley, Wis.: Poma and three ropes operating daily. Thaw and freeze left icy base. LS 10 to 15, US 10 to 15.

Rib Mt., Wis.: Slopes excellent, some thin spots on trails. Record-Herald ski school started, with 250 ready for instruction. Majority of all skiers using Ski-Free safety bindings.

Boyne Mt., Mich.: Area has had 60 inches of snow this winter, which has packed into an excellent base. LS 15, US 10 to 18.


Sun Valley, Idaho: The Valley had the best Christmas skiing in its history. Snow on all runs is excellent. On Mt. Baldy US 80, Roundhouse 50, River Run 36. On Dollar Mt. 48. Valley floor 24. CW 750.

Brighton, Utah: Best skiing on Backbone Run off Mt. Millicent. New Mt. Majestic lift has relieved lift-line congestion. German Rosskopt Panzier ski getting favorable comment in area. Five inches of rain absorbed by heavy snow cover. LS 84, US 91, TW 18, CW 2,500.

Alta, Utah: Rain spoiled skiing for a day; later turned to snow, leaving cover heavy and wet. LS 80, US 80, TD 0, TW 13, CD 700, CW 500.

Banff, Alta.: All ropes and lifts running. Fresh snow during week improved cover, but zero weather kept attendance down. Main road to Calgary slippery and dangerous. LS 12, US 17, CD 400, CW 1,500, TD 10.

Santa Fe, N. Mex.: Best holiday conditions in years have filled area with Texas skiers. Open slopes holding up, but cover thinning on some trails. LS 24, US 30, CD 500, CW 1,000.

Taos, N. Mex.: Beginners' slope open. Ski lodge opening delayed until next month. LS 14, US 36, CD 20, CW 110.

Aspen, Col.: Warm weather and rain has cut cover here; bare spots showing on lower slopes last week. Upper mountain still good. LS 0 to 14, US 30 to 36.

Arapahoe Basin, Col.: All slopes open in spite of rain and high temperatures which settled snow 10 inches. The Pomagalski Limatateur, a flexible rod which keeps ski tips correct distance apart, being used experimentally here. LS 30 to 40, US 35 to 45, CD 350, CW 150.

Snow King, Wyo.: Rain during week cut holiday crowds, left cover heavy and wet. Snow slides which closed roads have been cleaned up. LS 10 to 12, US 22 to 24, CW 300.

Whitefish, Mont.: All trails open, Hell Roaring, Dipsy Doodle best. Some knickers with long socks appearing here. Skiers showing preference for longer poles. LS 24 to 28, US 26 to 36, TD 6, CD 95, CW 320.


Mt. Hood, Ore.: Rain left area with wet cover. New chair to be installed at Timberline during week. At Govt. Camp LS 32 to 34, US 34 to 38. At Timberline LS 84 to 86, US 88 to 90. CD 1,300, CW 1,000.

Snoqualmie, Wash.: Holiday skiers, only slightly deterred by warm rains, crowded lifts during vacation week. Rain-loosened rocks created highway hazard during week. LS 116, CD 600, CW 2,000.

Stevens Pass, Wash.: Light powder fell over weekend for holiday ski crowd. Snow and rock slides which blocked highway through pass have been removed. LS 120, TD 30, CW 2,500.

Mt. Baker, Wash.: Snowfall has been so heavy that rope tows had to be dug out daily last week. Touring restricted until avalanche danger is over. Ivor Allsop short-thong binding worn by 90% of local experts, who feel single wrap-around with direct downward pull is best for deep snow. LS 164, TD 90, CL (avalanche hazard)—Pan Face, Heather, Chute Run.

Grouse Mt., Vancouver: Heavy snowfall put excellent cover on all trails, though repacking needed on most. Several local ski stores sold out all types of metal skis for Christmas. LS 40 to 65, US 65 to 78, TD 15, TW 5.

Reno, Nev.: Rains which flooded area turned to snow, providing excellent skiing throughout bowl. Access road to upper lift closed during week, but scheduled to be reopened at midweek. LS 36 to 38, US 48 to 54, TD 36.

Sugar Bowl, Calif.: Rains followed by snow closed roads during week, shut down chair lift. Area scheduled to resume operations shortly after Christmas. LS 68, US 80, TW 40.

Mammoth Mt., Calif.: Blizzard covered area with up to 58 inches. Roads now being cleared.