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George Bauer, a 36-year-old professor at the University of Wisconsin, and son Peter, 12 (seated), are real old pros in the ancient sport of tumbling. They have been working on their act for 10 years (since Peter was 2) and average a performance or two a week throughout the year. Last summer the father-and-son team toured with the famed Harlem Globetrotters, appearing in 63 European, North African and Middle Eastern cities. This winter their performances have been seen at the International 4-H Congress in Chicago and before the television cameras of the Big Top show in Philadelphia. Son Scott, 7, and daughter Georgia Ann, 5, are relative tyros, just now beginning to troupe; their repertory consists of such fairly simple things as one-hand handstands on father's head. After play, Professor Bauer goes to work and teaches physical education students all about archery, volleyball, badminton—and, of course, tumbling.