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LS—depth of snow on lower slopes; US—depth of snow on upper slopes; TD—total snowfall during the week days; TW—total snowfall during the weekend; CD—crowd during the week; CW—crowd during the weekend; CL—closed lifts, trails or slopes


Mt. Hood, Ore.: At Timberline, new double chair getting heavy play. Magic Mile closed, should reopen this week. Rains cut crowds, left heavy snow. 900 pupils attended Jaycee ski school. Hvam safety binding used here has rubber collar which aligns boot automatically. At Timberline LS 124, US 130, TD 18, TW 2, CD 500, CW 1,400. At Govt. Camp LS 38 to 42, US 40 to 44, TD 6, TW 0, CD 300, CW 1,800.

Stevens Pass, Wash.: All trails open. A hundred racers turned out in weekend blizzard for Stevens Standard giant slalom. Access roads icy. LS 120 to 125, TD 4, TW 1, CW 3,000.

Snoqualmie Pass, Wash.: Rain and wet snow last weekend made cover heavy and sloppy. Area sponsoring housewives ski school on Thursdays. LS 115 to 120, TD 10, TW 2, CD 150, CW 5,500.

Mt. Baker, Wash.: Freezing rains turned snow cover to breakable crust but Austin and Galena well packed down. Skiers using waterproof leather helmets under goggles during wet weather here. Approach road icy. LS 168, CW 1,700.

Sugar Bowl, Calif.: Rainstorm last weekend turned to snow. Advance reservations are at record high. Many using tubes of quick-hardening German Skiblitz wax for wet conditions. LS 114, US 130, CD 150, CW 400.

Squaw Valley, Calif.: Rain thinned snow cover last weekend but no bare spots showed. LS 31, US 96 to 108, CD 100, CW 180. CL—Flying Saucer, Head Wall.

Yosemite, Calif.: Skiing good, all slopes open. Highway 140 to reopen Jan. 19. LS 67, US 67, CD 1,400, CW 2,000.

Mt. Baldy, Calif.: No skiing last weekend.

Reno, Nev.: Rain during week reduced cover on lower slopes, but snow fell at 7,000 foot level. 640 skiers attended first junior ski school program of season. LS 80 to 100, US 100 to 140.

Grouse Mt., B.C.: Mild weather brought wet skiing then cover froze as temperature dropped. Kandahar to be held here Jan. 22. Snow fences being used to help construct jump for coming North American championship. LS 72, US 90, CD 180, CW 2,100.


Sun Valley, Idaho: Skiing excellent. Peter Kennedy of Seattle and Nonie Foley, Saranac Lake, N.Y. were winners in Sun Valley Open. Many racers used Rossignol skis, checkerboard pattern bamboo poles. On Baldy US 80, Roundhouse 73. Valley floor 24.

Aspen, Col.: Seven inches of powder on upper areas made skiing excellent. Dave Gorsuch of Climax, Col., Jane Moore of Aspen were winners in 19-team junior ski meet. LS 4 to 12, US 30 to 36, CD 200, CW 300.

Estes Park, Col.: Lifts still not in operation. Shuttle buses taking skiers to upper slopes. US 24, CW 500.

Arapahoe Basin, Col.: Two feet of powder on upper slopes made for best deep snow skiing in two years. LS 50 to 55, US 55 to 60, TW 15, CD 200, CW 850.

Brighton, Utah: Heavy powder skiing on Majestic, Backbone, Old Main and Wagon Track brought out record crowds at area. New German Kaltbruhner ski pants popular. LS 67, US 85, TD 10, TW 3, CD 3.000, CW 2,700.

Alta, Utah: Heavy snowfall has produced good skiing over whole area. Snow Cup race Jan. 22 will be televised on NBC's Wide, Wide World. Snow Rangers also plan to set off artificial avalanche for cameras. LS 88, US 88, TD 4, TW 8, CD 500, CW 800.


Boyne Mt., Mich.: Skiing staying good in spite of scant cover due to low night temperatures. Multicolor fastcaps supplanted all other caps for girls here. LS 7 to 9, US 8 to 11, CD 100, CW 650.

Caberfae, Mich.: Skiing excellent. Rosskopf Panzer skis popular with high school racers. LS 12, US 10, TD 2, TW 0, CD 100, CW 2,200.

Rib Mt., Wis.: Skiing only fair after three weeks snow drought. LS 5 to 6, US 4, CW 500.

Mt. Telemark, Wis.: Skiing good. Long poles popular this year. LS 14, US 2 to 12, TW 4, CW 1,150.


Cannon Mt., N.H.: Thaw left only lower Cannon and Ravine and lower T-bar slopes skiable with some bare spots. LS 1 to 15, US 1 to 25, TD 7, TW 0, CW 1,000.

Eastern Slope Region, N.H.: Rains left no skiing anywhere except in liftless Pinkham Notch, where climbers found good skiing on lower Sherburne trail. Tuckermans Ravine closed.

Stowe, Vt.: Thaw left only poor skiing on Mansfield, fair on Spruce T-bar slope last weekend. Free instruction given 28 picked junior skiers at USEASA-sponsored camp. LS 10, US 14, TD 0, TW 2, CD 150, CW 175.

Mad River Glen, Vt.: Lower trails skiable but thaw left bare spots and ice. C. Lawrence of Stowe won 86-man Class C giant slalom. Racers favored the Kneissl ski. LS 4 to 10, US 6 to 30, CD 100, CW 450.

Big Bromley, Vt.: Rain closed area last weekend.

Mt. Snow, Vt.: Thaw helped Owner Walt Schoenknecht put finishing touches to upper lift. Area closed after week of rains.

Belleayre, N.Y.: Skiing fair, Roaring Brook trail good. All trails open last weekend with some packed powder over icy base. LS 6, US 12, TD 4, TW 0, CW 1,500.

Lake Placid, N.Y.: All local tows operated over weekend. LS 4, US 12, TD 2, TW 3, CD 500, CW 100.

Snow Ridge, N.Y.: Thaw and subsequent freeze left icy cover on slopes broken up by snow tractor. LS 4, US 20, CW 500.

Sugarloaf Mt., Maine: T bar running, Upper Winterway, Sluice and Narrow Gauge trails open. LS 6, US 12 to 18, TW 3, CW 250.

Lac Beauport, Que.: Thaw closed lifts here last weekend in spite of arrival of some late snow.

Laurel Ridge, Pa.: Skiing good to excellent over weekend. Shotguns used to clear heavy ice from overhanging branches. Members of British Army Ski Club and Anchorage, Alaska Ski Club here during week. LS 6 to 12, US 6 to 12, TD 12, TW 0, CD 120, CW 1,500.

West Virginia Region: At Cabin Mt. LS 11, US 40, TD 11, CW 500. At Weiss Knob LS 11, US 11, TD 11, CW 100. At Chestnut Ridge LS 7, US 7, TD 7, CW 100. At Terra Alta LS 9, US 30, TD 9, CW 50.