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LS—depth of snow on lower slopes; US-depth of snow on upper slopes; TD—total snowfall during the week days; TW—total snowfall during the weekend; CD—crowd during the week; CW—crowd during the weekend; CL—closed lifts, trails or slopes


Cannon Mt., N.H.: Area had its biggest crowd in history last weekend as skiers bypassed snow-scarce spots farther south to converge here. With middle T bar closed, there was up to a two-hour wait on tramway lift. Skiing on upper slopes was fair. Skiing on lower slopes was good. LS 3 to 20, US 3 to 36, TD, 10, TW 0, CD 1,070, CW 5,000.

Eastern Slope Region, N.H.: At Mt. Cranmore north and south slopes had poor skiing over weekend. Rest of area closed. LS 0 to 3, TD 2, CD 75, CW 200. Thorn Mt., Black Mt., Intervale closed. Lower Sherburne in Pinkham Notch open.

Belknap, N.H.: Only tow rope ran last weekend. LS 2, US 2, CW 300.

Stowe, Vt.: Fair to poor skiing last weekend with best skiing on Standard, Tyrol and Sterling runs. Some bare spots and ice. Egil Stigum of Dartmouth won Victor Constant combined. Rossignol skis popular in races. LS 14, US 18, TD 6, CD 450, CW 1,300. CL—Nose Dive, National, Merrill, North Slope, Main Street.

Mad River Glen, Vt.: Lower half of mountain offered good skiing, Chipmunk was best over weekend. Popular after-ski boots here are the all-lambskin leather type. LS 2 to 11, US 26, TD 5, CD 50, CW 450. CL—Upper trails.

Mt. Snow, Vt.: Upper lift opened for first weekend, with slopes hard and icy. LS 2 to 10, US 8 to 20, CW 200.

Belleayre, N.Y.: Slopes and trails were all open last weekend and drew skiers from less fortunate areas in the East. Skiing was fair. Cortina skis drawing favorable comment from experts in area using them. LS 3 to 11, US 3 to 11, TD 6, TW 1, CD 300, CW 6,000.

Whiteface Mt., N.Y.: Upper tow open, with good skiing on upper slopes. Lower T bar open, but upper half lower trails not skiable last weekend. LS 3 to 7, US 18 to 20, TD 1, TW 2.

Lake Placid, N.Y.: All lifts operating. Poma lift at Old MacDonalds, free for all school children during week, also had night skiing party under lights with outdoor roast for Lake Placid Ski Club. LS 4, US 8 to 12.

Snow Ridge, N.Y.: Ice restricted open slope skiing during week, but trails had good skiing. N.Y. State alpine championships here Jan. 28-29. LS 5, US 20, TW 3, CW 700.

Laurel Mt., Pa.: Best crowd of season last weekend with Dream Highway drawing most skiers. All slopes open. LS 5 to 24, US 5 to 25, TD 12, TW 0, CW 2,300.

West Virginia: At Cabin Mt. LS 18, US 47. At Weiss Knob LS 24, US 24, CW 150. At Chestnut Ridge LS 15, US 15, CW 125. At Terra Alta LS 17, US 40, CW 50.

Mt. Tremblant, Que.: Midweek fall of powder brought good skiing. Some rocks showing. Weather has been mild. LS 6 to 15, US 10 to 20, TD 6, TW 0, CD 200, CW 200. CL—Taschereau, Ryans Run, St. Bernard, Devils River slopes.

Lac Beauport, Que.: No lifts operating last weekend.

Mt. Jasper, Que.: Skiing good, all lifts operating. LS 13, US 27, TD 5, CD 950, CW 1,400.


Rib Mt., Wis.: Midweek snowfall put trails back into operation. Best skiing on main slope. LS 6 to 8, US 4 to 6, TD 4, CD 500, CW 900.

Terry Peak, S. Dak.: Chair lift back in operation. LS 10, US 14, TD 2, TW 4, CW 500.

Boyne Mt., Mich.: All slopes open, excellent skiing. Night ice fishing a popular after-ski sport in area. LS 8 to 10, US 11 to 14, TD 2, TW 3, CD 100, CW 500.

Sheltered Valley, Wis.: Powder skiing here last weekend. LS 8 to 15, US 8 to 15, TD 4.


Banff, Alta.: All slopes packed after heavy snows. Skiing good to excellent with North American trail best. Head skis very popular here. One local dealer has sold 300 pair. LS 39, US 42, CW 1,300.

Sun Valley, Idaho: Good skiing on all slopes and trails. On Baldy US 75, Roundhouse 67. Dollar 33. Valley floor 22. TD 8, TW 2.

Aspen, Col.: Skiing best of year with choice of powder or packed runs. Winterskol festival crowds elected Carol Peet of St. Paul as queen. Cam skis making a noticeable showing in area. LS 15 to 20, US 40 to 45, TD 2, CD 250, CW 450.

Arapahoe Basin, Col.: Light storms left area with excellent skiing. Dynaglas and Hart skis seen frequently here. LS 54 to 57, US 57 to 64, TD 10, TW 2, CD 150, CW 800.

Winter Park, Col.: Mulligans Mile, Little Pierre have excellent skiing after week-long snow flurries. Bridge and Bradleys Bash trails widened and smoothed by area crows. Sun Spot 48, Midway 36, Bottom 24. CD 750, CW 2,600.

Alta, Utah: Storms have left area with deep powder cover. Only lift runs are packed down. LS 108, US 108, TD 26, TW 2, CD 800, CW 2,000.

Brighton, Utah: Fine powder skiing on face of Mt. Millicent. LS 99, US 119, TD 10, TW 2, CD 2,500, CW 5,000.

Snow King, Wyo.: Excellent skiing prevailed for the interstate high school meet. Dave Butts of McCall, Idaho, and Loris Werner, Steamboat Springs, Col. were winners. LS 16 to 20, US 30 to 36, TD 3, TW 1, CD 300, CW 500.

Santa Fe, N. Mex.: Five days of snow brought excellent skiing hero. Road open, but chains needed. LS 15 to 20, US 20 to 30, TD 12, TW 5, CD 200, CW 1,000.


Grouse Mt., B.C.: Warm weather caused alternate rain and snow, left mountain with wet cover. Roy McConnell of Tyee Ski Club won Kandahar race last weekend. Reversible GI parka considered fine heavy weather gear for chair-lift riding here. LS 46 to 74, US 74 to 95, TD 13, TW 4, CD 150, CW 2,400.

Mt. Baker, Wash.: Rains have kept skiers to packed trails. Chute Trail closed indefinitely. LS 180, TD 30, TW 4, CW 1,400.

Mt. Hood, Ore.: At Timberline heavy rains cut snow cover to point where stumps and rocks are beginning to show. Skiing between rain bursts continues fair. LS 130, US 150, TD 8, TW 2, CD 350, CW 1,000.

Sugar Bowl, Calif.: Good skiing on all trails. Downhill Only of Wengen here Jan. 28. Gresvig Ziperello ski sweater with batwing sleeves getting popular in area. LS 114, US 126, TD 18, TW 6, CD 200, CW 1,200.

Squaw Valley, Calif.: Rain left lower trails very wet. Overall skiing only fair last weekend. Tight-fitting skull caps being worn over head bands by men skiers at area. LS 36, US 96, TD 6, CD 50, CW 400.

Mt. Baldy, Calif.: No skiing here last weekend.