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The Question: Have sports influenced fashions? If so, in what way? (Asked of the world's makers of fashions)

HOWARD GREER, West Los Angeles, Calif.
"Sports and styles have influenced each other. The ease, freedom and glamor of sports have made casual clothes accepted wardrobe. Gussie Moran plays better tennis in lace-trimmed panties. She couldn't play as well in the former Gibson Girl costume—long linen skirt, girdle and shirtwaist."

"Sports have had an enormous influence on styles. The shirt is one of many examples I could cite. It has become one of the most important items in my styles. Who doesn't own a lovely cocktail or evening blouse? And how many dresses are designed with the top carrying out the idea of the shirt?"

EDWARD S. MARCUS of Neiman-Marcus, Houston
"Increasing leisure and interest in sports have led people into avocational habits that influence fashion. Knit shirts spring from their use in sports. Colors become fashionable because they are becoming to people who play in the sun. Shorts of all varieties for men and women are in the ascendancy."

"Yes, more than most people realize. Pictures of styles at football games, tennis matches and bicycle races taken 30 years ago make us smile. Now these first active sports clothes have been simplified. Prom active sports these clothes have invaded the realm of fashion, influencing all styles."

"But yes! The pleated skirt, greatest innovation in fashion history, was due to increased sports participation by women in the '20s. Next, the sports shirt. In its variations and fabrics, it has become the basic style influence of this era. Because I style Lady Hathaway shirts, I'm all for this trend."

SYBIL CONNELLY, Dublin, Ireland
"Definitely! The most important influence of sports on style is the great ease given women. No more restrictions around the waist and bust for modern women. We're accustomed to free movement when playing tennis, swimming and walking and we intend to carry it through everyday life."

"They definitely have. Strangely enough, the functional must in a sportsman's attire has infiltrated every well-dressed woman's wardrobe. The polo coat and the toreador pants are examples. Sportsmen's fabrics have no barriers. The tweed used in a hunting jacket may turn up in an evening dress."

"Yes. Sports have especially influenced women's taste in fashion. Today's woman needs to be smart and also comfortable all day. The new trend achieves this style. It's deceptively casual, nonchalant and easy to wear. This suits a woman who leads an active life and wants to be dressed correctly."

JANE FORD, Woodland Hills, Calif.
"Sports have brought about freedom of modern dress as we know it. This is true for both men and women. I can certainly consider myself an example. My own career was brought about by living on a boat for four summers and finding a need for clothes that fit into the picture."

"Yes. But there are different aspects. The positive one—tailored suits. The comfortable but ugly one—flat-heeled shoes. The hygienic one—abolition of corsets and bodices. The dangerous one—slacks and shorts away from the house or beach. Let women be sportive, but always remain feminine."

SOPHIE of Saks Fifth Avenue, New York
"Yes. In the early '20s, Suzanne Lenglen introduced the neat, pleated skirt. Horseback riding showed that women looked well in jodhpurs. Pedal pushers are a version of this garb. The loose, full-backed dress developed from golf dress with its necessary fullness to permit a good swing."




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