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Len Hutton, agileYorkshireman who became England's greatest living cricketer and firstprofessional captain, much to the consternation of diehard amateurs, found hisailing back too great a handicap, announced his retirement at 39.

Bronze statue ofFanny Blankers-Koen, famed Dutch track star of the '40s, will go up in a squareoutside Rotterdam zoo, authorities said, despite newspaper criticism thatstatue's "well-developed muscles" were un-feminine, un-Dutch.

PresidentEisenhower was honored by Golf Writers Association, which named him for BenHogan Trophy, awarded annually to golfer "who has proved overcoming a physical ailment...and continuing to playgolf."

Al Wiggins,handsome Ohio State swimmer who makes specialty of cracking records, addedanother to list, covering 100-yard butterfly in 0:54.4 to better own world markfor event in Ohio AAU championships at Columbus.

Carmen Basilio,jug-eared little puncher who won world welterweight championship by knockingout Tony DeMarco last June, was choice of New York Boxing Writers' Associationfor its annual Edward J. Neil "Fighter of the Year" award.