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Last winter, while on vacation in Florida, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jacobs of Indianapolis took up Aqua-lung diving. Last month Barbara Jacobs, a 33-year-old brunette, showed her husband and two children how proficient she had become by descending 270 feet into the Atlantic off Hollywood Beach, Fla. to set the unofficial women's world record. The previous unofficial mark was 209 feet. Assisting Mrs. Jacobs were her husband and Ed Townsend, sectional director of the AAU. Asked what she had noticed on the way down, Mrs. Jacobs reported her red nail polish seemed to turn blue.

Speed and Betty Skelton travel together. Last month the 29-year-old test driver climbed behind the wheel of a 1956 stock model of the Chevrolet Corvette and ripped off a flying mile at 130.83 mph and, starting at a standstill, averaged 85.59 mph in an acceleration run. Both speeds set world records for women drivers in a U.S. production sports car. A top aviatrix, Betty was women's champion of the International Aerobatic Association in 1948, 1949 and 1950. For relaxation, Betty water-skis and drives speedboats over water jumps at her family home in Water Haven, Fla.