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LS—depth of snow on lower slopes; US-depth of snow on upper slopes; TD—total snowfall during the week days; TW—total snowfall during the weekend; CD—crowd during the week; CW—crowd during the weekend; CL—closed lifts, trails or slopes


Mt. Baldy, Calif.: First real snow of the season brought Los Angeles enthusiasts out to try icy slopes with thin corn cover. Beginners' Gulch was best with 12-minute wait on chair lift there last weekend. A few Cubco bindings appeared among skiers. LS 0, US 12 to 24, TD 24, TW 1, CD 400, CW 2,400.

Big Bear Lake, Calif.: All runs at Snow Summit and Lynn areas open after heavy snowfall packed into excellent base last week. Roads open, no chains needed. LS 8 to 14, US 30, TD 8 to 30, TW 2, CW 1,700.

Squaw Valley, Calif.: Best skiing of the season here last weekend. All trails and slopes have generous powder cover. LS 60, US 96 to 120, TD 30, TW 0, CD 200, CW 1,000.

Sugar Bowl, Calif.: Powder snow skiing was at year's peak last weekend. Gardner Smith of Reno was Class A winner in Wengen race. Contest had over 120 entries. LS 156, US 240, TD 48, TW 0, CD 400, CW 2,400.

Edelweiss, Calif.: Skiing excellent. Double chair and rope tow in operation. LS 76, US 110, TD 14, CD 200, CW 600.

Reno, Nev.: First weekend of excellent skiing at area found 700 skiers in the municipal junior ski school. LS 90 to 120, US 120 to 160, TD 20, TW 0, CD 100, CW 1,500.

Mt. Baker, Wash.: Touring was at its best last weekend, with avalanche danger light. Advanced skiers found best skiing on Panorama Ridge, intermediates used Austin Bowl. Chute trail reopened. LS 206, TD 36, TW 1, CW 2,000.

Stevens Pass, Wash.: All trails excellent. New 1,500-foot intermediate chair scheduled to operate Feb. 12. Stevens Standard Giant Slalom rescheduled for this weekend. LS 147, TD 4, TW 4, CW 4,500.

Snoqualmie Pass, Wash.: Skiing excellent. Beaver Lake tow closed with mechanical difficulties last weekend. Star is most popular safety binding among skiers here. LS 147, TD 5, TW 4, CD 500, CW 9,000.

Mt. Hood, Ore.: First blizzard of season brought needed snow last weekend. Chains required on all approach roads. At Timberline LS 172, US 181, TD 4, TW 28, CD 300, CW 1,500. At Govt. Camp LS 66, US 72, TD 3, TW 24, CD 200, CW 3,500.

Grouse Mt., B.C.: Frequent snowfalls during week brought best skiing of season. Wednesday night race clinics being held under lights for juniors. LS 50 to 78, US 80 to 100, TD 7, TW 2, CD 350, CW 2,200.


Aspen, Col.: Daily snowfalls have kept area in excellent condition. Gentlemen's Ridge and Seibert trail have deepest powder. Head skis lead all metal skis in popularitv in area. LS 20 to 24, US 65 to 70, TD 36, TW 10, CD 300, CW 400.

Arapahoe Basin, Col.: Pali opened after Forest Rangers and ski patrol reduced avalanche hazard with explosives. LS 65 to 72, US 72 to 80, TD 26, CD 175, CW 750.

Sun Valley, Idaho: Excellent skiing all trails and slopes. Area booked solid for month, some reservations available in Ketchum. Long bamboo poles being used by racers and weekend skiers alike. Fast skiers like Rossignol skis with Nelson hidden edge. On Baldy US 89, Roundhouse 78. On Dollar Mt. US 46, valley floor 37.

Alta, Utah: Storms closed roads three days but left area with fine powder skiing. All slopes open, with lift runs packed down. LS 126, US 126, TD 46, TW 0, CD 400, CW 1,500.

Brighton, Utah: Area had fine powder and very fast skiing for season's biggest crowd last weekend. LS 123, US 145, TD 24, TW 4, CD 3,000, CW 6,000

Banff, Alberta: Skiing still good in spite of scant new snow. All slopes packed and in use. Past week's weather has averaged near zero. LS 40, US 43, CD 400, CW 1,300.

Santa Fe, N. Mex.: Intermittent snowfalls have left area with excellent skiing. Maximum wait at chair lift was seven minutes last weekend. LS 24, US 24 to 36, TD 8, TW 12, CD 400, CW 1,500.

Snow King, Wyo.: Skiing good with new snow covering hard-packed base. Rope tow and chair operating daily. Chains needed on access roads. LS 30 to 35, US 44 to 50, TD 18, CD 100, CW 300.

Big Mt., Mont.: Deep snow skiers sought out Hartsons Highway and Toni Matt Trail last weekend. Touring parties reaching summit of mountain found powder knee deep. LS 38 to 40, US 42 to 65, TD 11, TW 2, CD 180, CW 600.


Boyne Mt., Mich.: Vacationing students crowded slopes last weekend. Many coeds wore maroon Bogner elastic pants. Baggy white nylon pants an innovation seen occasionally here. LS 7 to 12, US 11 to 14, TW 3, CD 240, CW 726.

Caberfae, Mich.: Rain last weekend turned cover to granular, but left good skiing. LS 13, US 9, TD 6, CD 700, CW 3,000.

Mt. Telemark, Wis.: Skiing excellent. LS 8, US 20, CW 1,850.

Terry Peak, S.D.: Steady snow has made for good skiing here. LS 15 to 18, US 21, TD 10, CD 200, CW 500.


Lac Beauport, Que.: Area reopened after two weeks as a powder snowfall put all trails in good condition. All lifts operating. LS 10, US 12, CD 500, CW 500.

Jasper, Que.: Skiing good over weekend, with powder over heavy granular base. LS 16, US 30, TD 5, CD 950, CW 1,550.

Sugarloaf Mt., Me.: All trails open, skiing good. LS 4 to 10, US 12 to 18, TW 4, CD 30, CW 1,500.

Stowe, Vt.: Snow early last week put most trails back into operation, but heavy use by between-term college skiers had its effects on them. Nose Dive and National had some bad sections, some good ones. On Mansfield, Tyrol and Toll Road best. On Spruce, skiing was good on T-bar slope. LS 18, US 24, TD 8, TW 0, CD 2,500, CW 3,800. CL—Merrill, S-53.

Mad River Glen, Vt.: Storm earlier in week opened upper trails. Lower trails good with some ice last weekend. LS 13, US 28, TD 14, CD 200, CW 1,200.

Pico Peak, Vt.: All trails and slopes open for biggest crowd of year. LS 12, US 24, TD 8, TW 0, CD 300, CW 4,000.

Mt. Snow, Vt.: Upper and lower trails open, with best skiing at higher level last weekend. LS 2 to 10, US 10 to 24, TD 5, TW 1, CW 1,500.

Big Bromley, Vt.: Area operated for the first time in two weeks last weekend. LS 1 to 6, US 1 to 6, TD 6, TW 1, CW 1,150.

Cannon Mt., N.H.: Alltime attendance record broken last weekend. All lifts operated. USEASA Class B giant slalom won by Heather Nesbitt, Leonard Ayers of Mt. Mansfield S.C. Marker Simplex and Ski-Free most popular safety bindings at area shop. LS 1 to 26, US 30, TD 4, TW 0, CD 2,300, CW 5,660.

Lake Placid, N.Y.: Good skiing all last week with new snow every day. LS 4, US 6 to 17, TD 3, TW 0, CD 800, CW 1,500.

Snow Ridge, N.Y.: Skiing good. Renie Cox of Port Leyden and Bill Orcutt of St. Lawrence U. won combined state championships. Gov. Averell Harriman presented trophies. LS 6, US 20, TD 3, CD 600, CW 2,700.

Belleayre, N.Y.: Winisook trail excellent, rest of area good last weekend. Some ice. LS 5 to 14, US 5 to 14, TD 11, TW 1, CD 750, CW 5,000.

West Virginia: At Cabin Mt., record crowd attended second Davis winter carnival. LS 6, US 24, CD 50, CW 2,500. At Weiss Knob, LS 14, US 14, CW 200.

Indian Gap, Tenn.: Portable two served skiers here last weekend. LS 0 to 8, US 12, TD 11, CD 40, CW 120.