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LS—depth of snow on lower slopes; US—depth of snow on upper slopes; TD—total snowfall during the week days; TW—total snowfall during the weekend; CD—crowd during the week; CW—crowd during the weekend; CL—closed lifts, trails or slopes


Eastern Slope Region, N.H.: At Mt. Cranmore, alltime attendance record was broken and weekend skiers enjoyed year's first powder. Gibson Trophy scheduled Feb. 12, LS 3 to 8, East Slope 4 to 10, TD 9, TW 3, CD 2,000, CW 12,000. At Intervale, Poma lift in use for first time, with fair to good skiing on lower two-thirds of slope only. At Black Mt., skiing was good to excellent. LS 3 to 7, US 4 to 10, CW 1,000. At Thorn Mt., first weekend of skiing since Jan. 8. LS 3 to 7, US 4 to 10, CW 500.

Cannon Mt., N.H.: All lifts operating. Trails good, slopes excellent last week. Most of vacationing college crowd taking advantage of five-day package including lift, meals, room, lessons for $57.50. LS 4 to 31, US 6 to 40, TD 12, TW 4, CD 3,250, CW 3,250.

Belknap, N.H.: Largest weekend crowd in history of area had excellent skiing last weekend. All trails open. Jon Riisnes of UNH won class A, Roger Dion of Lebanon won class B in Belknap Invitation jump.

Mt. Sunapee, N.H.: Excellent conditions over weekend on entire mountain. Crowd broke all-time attendance record. LS 6, US 10, TD 12, TW 3, CD 1,000, CW 5,000.

Stowe, Vt.: Best skiing of the year here brought weekend wait up to 30 minutes on Mansfield chair. Crowd wore top cover thin on Main Street and Big Spruce. LS 24, US 36, TD 12, TW 2, CD 2,300, CW 3,500. CL—S-53.

Mad River Glen, Vt.: All trails open for first time in four weeks, with six-inch powder cover over weekend. James Delong and Renie Cox won junior giant slalom. LS 22, US 36, TD 15, TW 6, CD 1,000, CW 3,500.

Big Bromley, Vt.: Powder skiing during week brought biggest attendance of season. Osborne trophy race won by Boston U. in field of 12, colleges. LS 7 to 15, US 7 to 15, TD 15, TW 4, CD 1,300, CW 4,750.

Pico Peak, Vt.: Excellent skiing with crowds using new Forest Flight rope and newly opened Homerun Trail. LS 6 to 14. US 6 to 14, TD 11, TW 7, CD 1,500, CW 3,000.

Okemo Mt., Vt.: First weekend of operation with both Poma lifts and all trails open. Best skiing on Squaw Trail and Mountain Road. LS 4 to 9, US 7 to 21, TD 30, TW 6, CW 1,000.

Snow Valley, Vt.: Area opened last weekend with best skiing on Boomerang, Lucky Devil, Bulldozer. LS 14 to 20, TW 4, CW 750.

Mt. Snow, Vt.: Skiing excellent with crowds last weekend waiting 15 minutes for lower chair. No waiting on upper lift. Skiers eating at new snack bar en route to lift. LS 6 to 16, US 12 to 40, TD 12, TW 3, CD 3,000, CW 3,000.

Jiminy Peak, Mass.: All trails open with excellent skiing last weekend in two inches of powder top cover. LS 4 to 10, US 4 to 10, TD 8, TW 2, CW 1,000.

Whiteface Mt., N.Y.: Lower trails open full length, slopes in good condition. LS 6 to 18, US 24 to 32, TD 3, TW 1, CD 500, CW 2,500.

Belleayre, N.Y.: Skiing good on all trails, all lifts running last weekend. LS 9 to 20, US 9 to 20, TD 1, TW 9, CD 5,000, CW 4,500.

Snow Ridge, N.Y.: Heavy snowfall during week left powder on all trails. Swiss-made Stockli skis favored by some instructors here.

Mt. Tremblant, Que.: Best skiing of the winter, with Sissy Schuss continuing excellent. LS 16 to 25, US 25 to 31, TD 6, CW 2,000. CL—Devils River Run, upper Flying Mile.

Lac Beauport, Que.: Winter carnival time at nearby Quebec City found area with excellent skiing. LS 15, US 20, CD 1,000, CW 1,200.

Mt. Jasper, Que.: Skiing good to excellent. LS 16, US 33, TD 4, CD 1,000, CW 1,200.


Terry Peak, S. Dak.: Light powder cover has kept conditions good in spite of settling base. Most popular bindings are Anderson and Thompson safety releases, and long thongs. LS 15, US 18, TD 2, TW 0, CD 200, CW 500.

Mt. Telemark, Wis.: Skiing good. Attendance over weekend set new record. LS 17, US 3, CD 450, CW 1,900.

Caberfae, Mich.: Record crowds over weekend wore cover, left some icy spots. Overall skiing excellent. LS 15, US 11, TD 6, TW 0, CW 3,700.

Iron Mt., Mich.: Excellent skiing last week with light powder over a foot of hard base.

Rib Mt., Wis.: Open slopes, excellent trails showing wear. LS 8, US 6, CD 900, CW 1,500.


Sun Valley, Idaho: Skiing excellent. Easter Bowl packed out for first time last weekend. Instructor Christian Pravda, reinstated as FIS racer, ran posted record 1:44.2 for Gold Sun course. Pravda plans to run in Harriman Cup. On Baldy US 80, Roundhouse 71. On Dollar US 38, valley floor 30, TD 0, TW 0.

Brighton, Utah: Spaghetti Run best with good skiing over whole area. LS 123, US 138, TD 0, TW 0, CD 1,000, CW 4,000.

Alta, Utah: Continued good weather has encouraged touring which can lead to runs up to 14 miles long to bottom of mountain. LS 118, US 118, TD 0, TW 0, CD 2,500, CW 3,000.

Aspen, Col.: Conditions excellent. Students skiing during semester breaks have given town and slopes busiest week of season. Star safety binding popular buy in local ski shops. LS 20 to 25, US 55 to 60, TD 6, TW 9, CW 550.

Hidden Valley, Col.: Shuttle bus transporting skiers to upper slopes in absence of Poma operation. LS 20, US 50, CW 1,500. CL—trail 2.

Arapahoe Basin, Col.: Upper chair shut down over weekend due to transformer failure, will open for Feb. 11 weekend. LS 60, US 75, TD 3, TW 0, CD 100, CW 1,200.

Banff, Alberta: Hard, dry surface provided fast skiing for Tenth Annual International Collegiate Ski Meet, won by U. of Washington.

Flagstaff, Ariz.: Skiing excellent, Agassiz, Tiger-Tiger best. Stan Pyron of Whittier, Calif, and Vera Orem of Los Angeles won Arizona Cup races here. LS 42, US 50, TD 3, CW 3,000.

Taos, N. Mex.: Snowstorm blocked roads, kept weekend crowds to minimum. Skiing excellent. LS 80 to 100, US 105 to 160, TD 62, TW 0, CD 60, CW 80.

Santa Fe, N. Mex.: Blizzard closed roads to Texas, but local skiers had excellent conditions last weekend. LS 24, US 48, TD 18, CW 1,200.


Reno, Nev.: Best skiing of the winter filled nearby Snowshoe and Christmas Tree lodges, brought crowds out to ski in powder. University of Nevada Winter Carnival here Feb. 10 to 12 has 15 colleges entered. LS 80 to 110, US 110 to 150, TD 0, TW 0, CD 400, CW 1,500.

Squaw Valley, Calif.: Skiing excellent on Flying Saucer, Cascade, International, Metro and Mambo Meadow. No ice or thin spots on trails. Instructor Roger Machet last week won second Gold Arrow in history of Standard races. LS 60, US 150, TD 0, TW 0, CD 1,000, CW 2,600.

Sugar Bowl, Calif.: Best skiing of season. Touring to Mt. Lincoln popular. LS 144, US 216 to 300, TW 0, CD 600, CW 1,100.

Mt. Baldy, Calif.: Skiing fair at Bonanza and Beginners Gulch, but Robins and Emils wind-stripped to ice base. Thursday bus service from UCLA and USC schedule for this week. LS 0, US 14 to 24, TD 8, TW 0, CD 1,000, CW 1,600.

Yosemite, Calif.: Skiing excellent. LS 74, US 84, TD 0, TW 0, CD 3,650, CW 6,000.

Dodge Ridge, Calif.: East Bowl, Ridge and Face all good skiing. LS 64, US 116, TD 0, TW 0, CD 3,000, CW 10,000.

Mt. Hood, Ore.: Skiing excellent last week. Multorpor area installing electric eye which automatically gives time of descent on trial trail, open for public use. At. Govt. Camp LS 60, US 64, TD 10, TW 2, CD 500, CW 7,800. At Timberline LS 178, US 182, TD 10, TW 2, CD 800, CW 1,500.

Mt. Baker, Wash.: Snow is packed and heavy with skiing good. Touring handicapped by poor visibility. Roffe's slim ski trousers for women popular here. LS 190, TD 0, TW 3, CW 1,100.

Stevens Pass, Wash.: Excellent conditions. LS 140, TD 3, CW 5,500.