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Neither rough seas nor low temperatures could keep the members of the International Women's Fishing Association from competing in their first annual sailfish tournament. For two days 60-odd ladles fished in the chilly waters off Palm Beach, Fla. All told they caught 85 sailfish, but later released 82 of them in interests of conservation

Tall wave dwarfs the charter boat, Margaret K, and makes it appear as though the stern is about to be swamped. All good sailors, ladies turned out 100% next day. Calmly trolling through the trough are four IWFA (I Will Fish Also) members: Mrs. J. H. Godfrey of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Mrs. Joseph Shapiro of Boca Raton, Fla. and Stamford, Conn.; Mrs. James R. Caldwell of Boca Raton and Wooster, Ohio; and Mrs. Alan Ferguson of Palm Beach Shores and Washington, D.C. Captain Harold Meyer of the Margaret K is on the bridge at the wheel.

Shivering contestant Mrs. Walter Robinson of Palm Beach waits for boat to go out first day.

Tournament runner-up Mrs. L. T. Verner of Dallas, vet of Pacific waters, fastens fishing belt.

On dock, Mrs. Tanis Russell (left) talks to Mrs. Augusta Cutter. Both ladies are from Palm Beach.

Warm woollies are worn by Mrs. A. L. Mathers of Coral Gables who won first day's dolphin prize with a 17½-pounder.

Weighing dolphin, Mrs. J. E. Stickney of Jacksonville double-checks the scale.


A total of 201 golfers, ranging in age from 50 to 82, competed in the PGA Seniors' Tournament at Dunedin, Fla. First prize was $1,000, a trip to England and the triumphs of youth relived

Golfing veteran Thomas B. Clark (left), 78, of Kansas City discusses shots with W.W.B. Way, 82, of South Euclid, Ohio.

Comparing notes, Billy Burke (right) of Cleveland, older brother of winner, chats with Bill Goldbeck of Mount Kisco, N.Y.

Golf salesman Ock Willoweit of Dayton drives on the first hole of last round. Then one stroke off pace, he finished second.

Crowd favorite Mike Murra of Wichita practices putts. Tied for second in 1955, he finished out of the money this year.

Smiling victor, 50-year-old Pete Burke of Huntington, N.Y., who won by sinking 10-footer on 18th hole of last round, holds the Teacher Trophy as he gets congratulations from Ronald Teacher of Wm. Teacher Ltd., Scotch distillers who sponsored tournament. With arm around Teacher is Marty Cromb, president of PGA Seniors. At right is PGA President H. L. Moffitt.

Blasting from trap, William Black of Huntsville, Ala. shoots into the wind before gallery at Dunedin's fourth hole. Black, with aid of highly accurate putter, shot a 68 for opening round but got in trouble, slipped to mediocre 76 in second outing.