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LS—depth of snow on lower slopes; US—depth of snow on upper slopes; TD—total snowfall during the week days; TW—total snowfall during the weekend; CD—crowd during the week; CW—crowd during the weekend; CL—closed lifts, trails or slopes


Mt. Hood, Ore.: Rain changed to snow last weekend, left skiing good. Cars without chains caused traffic jam on access road. Trails between Govt. Camp and Timberline had heavy, tricky cover. At Timberline LS 180, US 184, TD 0, TW 4, CD 700, CW 1,500.

Mt. Baker, Wash.: Heavy snows left most of area unskiable except for powder experts but Austin Bowl was packed by crowd last weekend. Many skiers using long Tyrolia aluminum poles. LS 208, TD 22, CW 600.

Stevens Pass, Wash.: Area had good skiing but weather closed access roads Sunday. LS 130, TD 3 to 4.

Snoqualmie Pass, Wash.: Mixed snow and rain made weekend skiing heavy and slow. LS 118 to 120, TD 5, TW 1, CD 350, CW 5,500.

Mt. Baldy, Calif.: Herb's Hollow and Andy's Alley open for first time. Icy conditions in Emile's Bowl caused cancellation of Far West Ski Assn. championships. Rossignol skis getting praise for performance on icy going. US 10 to 20, TD 0, TW 0, CD 950, CW 1,350.

Big Bear Lake, Calif.: High temperatures have caused snow to get mushy during day. Skiers waxing with Easki Green and A&T Red to overcome slow conditions. LS 0 to 8, US 12 to 18, TD 0, TW 0, CD 600, CW 3,400.

Squaw Valley, Calif.: Spring skiing conditions on upper slopes and open areas. Skiers eating lunches outdoors. Accommodations for weekend nearly booked. LS 48, US 120, TD 0, TW 0, CD 500, CW 3,000.

Edelweiss, Calif.: Clear, crisp weather has kept skiing excellent. Far West junior championships drew 102 entries here. LS 94, US 134, TD 0, TW 0, CD 200, CW 3,000.

Sugar Bowl, Calif.: High temperatures have skiers running slopes in shirt sleeves. Alpineer Giant Slalom here Feb. 19. LS 144, US 350, TD 0, TW 0, CD 600, CW 2,200.


Sun Valley, Idaho: Skiing excellent. Lookout, Easter and Christmas bowls in superb condition. Warm temperatures have set skiers to lunching on restaurant terrace. Instructor Christian Pravda slated to go to Arlberg-Kandahar March 10-11 at Sestriere, Italy to race his former pupil, triple Olympic Winner Toni Sailer. On Baldy US 76, Roundhouse 64. On Dollar US 25, valley floor 20, TD 0, TW 0.

Aspen, Col.: Powder snow on all trails, main trail and slopes packed down. SRMSA championships here Feb. 18-19. LS 28 to 34, US 58 to 72, TD 12, TW 12, CD 350, CW 600.

Hidden Valley, Col.: Shuttle bus service for skiers to upper slopes runs every half hour. LS 22 to 25, US 48 to 51, TD 0, TW 10. CW 3,000.

Winter Park, Col.: Excellent skiing all week. Roads leading to area are snow-packed, chains necessary. SRMSA junior championships here Feb. 18-19. LS 31 to 43, US 43 to 53, TD 2, TW 8, CD 1,350, CW 3,150.

Brighton, Utah: Fine powder skiing on Lost Maid Run. Skiing elsewhere excellent. Roads have been kept open in spite of heavy snow during weekend. LS 136, US 150, TD 0, TW 14, CD 2,500 CW 3,000.

Snow King, Wyo.: Dry powder skiing over whole mountain. Roads icy, chains needed. LS 32 to 37, US 46 to 52, TD 2, TW 1, CD 200, CW 400.

Big Mt., Mont.: Excellent powder over hard frozen base. New 20-passenger snow tractor taking skiers to summit from top of lift. Lodge and chalet booked solid for two weeks. LS 41 to 42, US 45 to 72, TD 3, TW 10, CD 185, CW 750.


Rib Mt., Wis.: Cover thin but skiable here last week. Eau Claire won high school ski meet here. LS 6 to 8, US 6, CD 200, CW 1,100.

Boyne Mt., Mich.: Snowfall during weekend covered bare spots. LS 5 to 10, US 4 to 9, TW 5, CD 175, CW 625.

Caberfae, Mich.: New snow replaced cover lost during midweek thaw. LS 18, US 14, TD 6, TW 4, CD 500, CW 4,350.

Terry Peak, S. Dak.: Temperatures in the 40s depleted base last weekend. LS 12, US 16, TW 0, CD 150, CW 400.


Stowe, Vt.: All trails good to excellent with the seven turns on the Nose Dive open last weekend for the first time. On Mansfield, plenty of cover, Lord Trail best. On Spruce. Sterling best. Norwegian fish-net underwear a new item. LS 30, US 40, TD 12, TW 6, CD 1,800, CW 3,750.

Mad River Glen, Vt.: Powder skiing here turned to corn snow under spring temperatures. LS 30, US 42, TD 8, TW 6, CD 400, CW 2,000.

Mt. Snow, Vt.: Skiing excellent with powder over solid base. Upper slopes are less skied, retain more cover snow. During weekend 10 to 20 minute wait on lower lift, none on upper lift. LS 10 to 30, US 20 to 45, TD 10, TW 2, CD 1,000, CW 5,000.

Big Bromley, Vt.: Some rain last weekend, but condition of slopes stayed good. Night skiing inaugurated Wednesday night under new lights on Lord's Prayer. LS 7 to 25. US 7 to 27, TD 20, TW 6, CD 1,250, CW 5,200.

Okemo, Vt.: Second weekend of operation has found increased crowds. New Poma lifts running smoothly. LS 13 to 24. US 13 to 24, TD 19, TW 5. CD 150. CW 1,250.

Hogback, Vt.: Skiing good to excellent with new Poma lift operating daily. Rope tows in use weekends only. LS 7 to 20, US 7 to 20, TD 8, TW 4, CD 100, CW 2,500.

Cannon Mt., N.H.: Slopes excellent, trails good. LS 1 to 31, US 3 to 40, TD 5, CD 1,200, CW 3,000. CL—Middle Cannon, Hardscrabble. Paulie's Folly.

Eastern Slopes Region: At Cranmore good to excellent skiing with new powder cover. Edi Maill and Leona Reny, both of Eastern Slope Ski Club, were winners in Gibson Trophy race.

Belknap, N.H.: New snow during week made skiing on Tiger excellent. USEASA junior giant slalom winners were Pebbles Lyman of Belleayre, Marsha Fletcher of Pico. LS 4, US 8, TD 6. TW 2. CD 350. CW 2,000.

Whiteface Mt., N.Y.: All tows in use last weekend after heavy powder fall. Bunk houses at area filled. LS 10 to 20, US 28 to 36, TD 4, TW 4, CD 800, CW 2,500.

Lake Placid, N.Y.: All four lifts in area operated at full capacity over weekend. Winter Carnival skimeister trophies awarded Caroline Draper of Prime Hill, Favor Smith of Lake Placid. Sno Bird Masters Ski Jump here Feb. 18. LS 12 to 24, US 30 to 36, TD 4, TW 4, CD 2,500, CW 2,500.

Belleayre, N.Y.: Skiing good. Slippery conditions on access road last weekend delayed skiers without chains or snow tires. Roads were sanded Sunday. LS 10 to 21. US 10 to 21, TD 2, TW 6, CD 300. CW 4,500.

Snow Ridge, N.Y.: Above-freezing temperatures during week offset by new snow. Skiers with release bindings using safety straps to prevent runaway skis. LS 15, US 40, TD 10, TW 8, CD 300, CW 3,000.

Old Forge, N.Y.: Skiing good with powder on solid base last weekend.

Jiminy Peak, Mass.: All trails open last weekend. LS 6 to 12, US 6 to 12, TD 8, TW 0, CW 1,000.

Mt. Tremblant, Que.: Skiing excellent. Roads open from Montreal in spite of repeated snowfalls. LS 20 to 24, US 24 to 32, TD 8, TW 5, CD 1,200, CW 2,200. CL—Devil's River, Kandahar, Ryan's Run.

Mt. Jasper, Que.: All trails and slopes open. LS 25, US 42, TD 12, TW 7, CD 850, CW 1,050.

Laurel Mt., Pa.: Area reopened with fair skiing. Lapzian ski race won by Rheinhold Upe of Cleveland. LS 2 to 6, US 4 to 8, TD 1, TW 1, CD 0, CW 50. CL—lower slopes.