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C—clear water; SH—slightly high; FG—fishing good; FF—fishing fair; FP—fishing poor; OG—outlook good; OF—outlook fair; OVG—outlook very good.

BLACK BASS: FLORIDA: Big bass busted out all over Lake Tarpon (near Tarpon Springs) last week; largest reported weighed 12½ pounds, but 9-and 10-pounders were not unusual and OVG. Other worthwhile waters are Lake Harris. St. John's River and Goodby's Lake near Jackson. In general, outlook is improving as hot weather warms ponds and rivers.

CALIFORNIA: FG and improving in lower Colorado River reservoirs after slow fishing last week due to high winds, and several big bass reported from Mead and Mohave.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Muddy water slowed reservoir fishing last week but OF/G for early March. Rising water in Santee-Cooper Reservoir produced good fishing on flats, and OG.

TEXAS: Best fishing of 1956 reported from Lake Texoma last week as steady sunshine stimulated bass appetites; top fish weighed 7 pounds. Possum Kingdom spy reports many bass but few above 2 pounds, and OG.

BONEFISH: BAHAMA ISLANDS: Anglers working shallow flats of Abaco and Andros islands needed fingers of both hands to tally daily catches last week, and one fisherman at Abaco's Sandy Point landed 24 during one tide. Fast action also reported from Bang-Bang Club at Andros. Top fish of week landed near Green Turtle Cay, Abaco by Alfred J. Speer of Short Hills. N.J. weighed 10 pounds 8 ounces.

STEELHEAD: CALIFORNIA: Main Eel and South Fork clear and producing good-sized fish for first time since floods; OVG until winter season ends February 29 if rains hold off. Russian River spotty, FF/G for fly-fishermen on Gualala. Mill Creek high but producing; Trinity and upper Sacramento rivers fair to good.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: FP generally, as new runs had not come into rivets at press time; most streams are still very low, and pools on smaller streams are frozen well out from bank. Thaw should boost water levels and bring bright fish into streams by March 1.

WASHINGTON: Cold water blamed by spy for poor fishing last week in most coastal rivers, but cagey veterans using tiny cherry bobbers and small brass spoons have been taking fish from Wynooche, Satsop, Hoh, Humptulips rivers despite low, clear, frigid water. Best fishing reported last week were a 19-pounder from Queets, a 20-pounder from Humptulips and a 20¾-pounder from upper Cowlitz River. Best bets for this week are Humptulips, Nascele, Wynooche, Satsop, Hoh, Stilaguamish and upper Cowlitz rivers. On north coast heavy drift of ice in Nooksack River has stopped Lummi Indians netting at river mouth and has let fish surge upriver to happy, frostbitten anglers; hot spot is hole under Nugent's Bridge. Samish River is pistol-hot after month's slump, and fishermen are elbowing for space under highway bridge for crack at bright steelhead to 9 pounds, but fish won't bite after 9 a.m.

TROUT: MISSOURI: Season opens March 1 and Dr. G. B. Herndon of State Conservation Commission says recent rains and snows will be boon to drought-ridden trout streams. Commission has been working on stream improvements at Montauk, Roaring River and Bennett Springs state parks where heavy turnout is expected on opening day.

MONTANA: Scarcity of insects and resulting high trout mortality in Yellowstone River now conclusively linked to spraying of forests along river and tributaries; spraying will be continued next summer in other Montana watersheds, and sportsmen are alarmed as to effect on other trout waters.