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LS—depth of snow on lower slopes; US-depth of snow on upper slopes; TD—total snowfall during the week days; TW—total snowfall during the weekend; CD—crowd during the week; CW—crowd during the weekend; CL—closed lifts, trails or slopes


Squaw Valley, Calif.: Weeklong snow brought excellent skiing. Flying Saucer well packed down. Chair-lift trails have two feet of light powder. All lifts open in spite of heavy weather. Chains required on all access roads. LS 96, US 298, TD 81, TW 16, CD 2,000, CW 2,000. CL—Head Wall.

Sugar Bowl, Calif.: Snowfall shut down lift, kept skiers to rope tow hill last weekend. New here are Italian glass shaft ski poles. LS 192, US 240 to 480, TD 72, TW 12, CD 600, CW 800.

Edelweiss, Calif.: Thirty inches of new powder made skiing excellent. LS 94, US 104, CW 2,800.

Mt. Baldy, Calif.: Skiing only fair on South Slope and Robin. LS 0, US 6 to 16, TD 5, TW 0, CD 600, CW 1,200. CL—Emile's Bowl.

Yosemite, Calif.: Skiing excellent with deep powder cover. Nevada won Trisidder intercollegiate ski meet. LS 91, US 111, TD 22, TW 10, CD 4,850, CW 3,400.

Reno, Nev.: Snow and high winds closed roads during week, piled snow pack to record depth. LS 100 to 120, US 120 to 160, TD 36, TW 10.

Mt. Hood, Ore.: Continued snowstorms closed Magic Mile but left excellent skiing between Govt. Camp and Timberline. At Timberline LS 260, US 270, TD 32, TW 10, CD 300, CW 1,500.

Mt. Baker, Wash.: Heavy snowfall has made skiing difficult even for experts except in packed areas on Austin Bowl and Peanut Hill. All lifts operating. Avalanche danger has closed all touring trails. Snow at record levels. LS 290, TD 30, TW 16, CW 900.

Stevens Pass, Wash.: Skiing good in spite of recurrent heavy snowfalls. Forelaufer Downhill postponed until March 4. LS 170 to 175, TD 7, TW 10 to 15, CW 3,500.

Snoqualmie Pass, Wash.: Skiing fair last weekend. Breakable crust on upper trails. Chains required on access roads. LS 160 to 165, TD 5 to 6, TW 15 to 20, CD 350, CW 6,500.

Grouse Mt., B.C.: Heavy snows forced area to set up shuttle-bus system for skiers who all had to park a mile from lift. Biggest snow pack in 12 years. Skiing excellent on trails, tricky in unpacked snow. LS 70 to 102, US 102 to 156, TD 45, CD 200, CW 1,900.


Sun Valley, Idaho: Twenty-inch snowfall early in week closed all bowls. Bowls opened after snow settled and avalanche hazard passed. Weekend skiing was the best of the year with a thousand skiers on Baldy last Sunday. Latest in parkas here are Italian fur-lined hoods. Valley season extended to April 8. On Baldy US 91, Roundhouse 79. On Dollar US 45, valley floor 38. TD 24, TW 2.

Aspen, Col.: Bell Mountain had 12 to 15 inches of packed powder last week. Rest of area was also excellent. LS 30 to 36, US 70 to 80, TD 12 to 15, TW 3 to 6, CD 400, CW 400.

Arapahoe Basin, Col.: Snow and winds caused crust and hard pack on upper slopes. Lower slopes had packed cover last weekend. LS 77, US 80, TD 6, CD 500, CW 900.

Hidden Valley, Col.: Biggest weekend crowds of season found excellent skiing. LS 37 to 42, US 70 to 77, TD 6, TW 2, CW 6,000. CL—Trail No. 2.

Brighton, Utah: Excellent skiing. One-day attendance records set over Washington's Birthday. LS 93, US 131, TD 12, TW 5, CD 3,600, CW 4,700.

Alta, Utah: Heavy powder made skiing good on packed runs, but powder somewhat heavy on unpacked slopes. Hart Skis beginning to compete with Heads here. LS 140, US 140, TD 23, TW 11, CD 1,800, CW 1,100, CL—Greely Hill.

Banff, Alta.: Snow during week improved skiing, but upper slopes still fairly rough last weekend. LS 49, US 53, TD 13, TW 2, CD 900, CW 1,600.


Boyne Mt., Mich.: Weekend snow covered previous sleet storm damage. Sixty skiers competed in Michigan State championships. LS 7 to 9, US 8 to 11, TD 1, TW 3, CD 170, CW 200.

Caberfae, Mich.: Conditions good after new snow over weekend. Caribbean seashell a favorite ski goggle here. LS 20, US 14, CD 400, CW 4,000.


Stowe, Vt.: Rain followed by freeze left area with poor to fair skiing last weekend. Expert technique needed for boilerplate base on upper mountain. Cover still adequate. Biggest week of season with college crowds getting good skiing over Washington's Birthday. Seelos skull cap with headband in vogue with the fast set. LS 30, US 42, CD 2,800, CW 2,500. CL—S-53.

Mad River Glen, Vt.: Icy conditions closed upper trails last weekend. Skiers lined up at ski shop's edge-sharpening machine. Lower trails improved after being worked over, by snow tractors. LS 32, US 48, CD 600, CW 1,500.

Mt. Snow, Vt.: Rain last week produced hard base and ice patches over weekend. Subsequent snow left area with good skiing, LS 14 to 30, US 20 to 55, TD 3, TW 2.

Big Bromley, Vt.: Base held up under heavy rain, but subsequent freeze left hard base. Dartmouth won Harvard-Bromley slalom, with Egil Stigum of Dartmouth taking first. Eastern Women's Alpine Championships here March 3-4. LS 7 to 25, US 7 to 25, TD 10, TW 0, CD 3,500, CW 3,500.

Hogback, Vt.: Rain left skiing icy and conditions poor to fair. LS 7 to 25, US 7 to 25, TD 0, TW 2, CD 500, CW 1,500.

Whiteface Mt., N.Y.: Rain changing to snow left area with icy spots last weekend. Jack Dempsey of Norwich University took MacKenzie Trophy combined title. LS 12 to 24, US 30 to 40, TD 3, CD 500, CW 1,000.

Lake Placid, N.Y.: Some ice on local slopes over weekend. Contests during week included North American bobsled championships, sled dog title and speed-skating championships. LS 10 to 24, US 32 to 38, TD 2.

Belleayre, N.Y.: Base held up under rain which left area with frozen cover. David Hill and Lisa Yeomans won Belleayre Downhill races. LS 7 to 19, US 7 to 19, CD 750, CW 3,000.

Snow Ridge, N.Y.: Five-inch snowfall last weekend covered previous rain damage. Snow Ridge Ski Club won Oneida team trophy. LS 12, US 40, TD 5, TW 5, CD 250, CW 1,200.

Mt. Tremblant, Que.: Weekend rain left hard crust on trails but subsequent snow covered icy spots. Head Instructor Ernie McCulloch using one-ski techniques to keep weight off sprained knee. LS 12 to 16, US 30, TD 0, TW 2, CD 1,400, CW 1,200. CL—Flying Mile.

Lac Beauport, Que.: Snow tractor was used to break up frozen surface last weekend. Access roads icy. LS 30 to 32, US 35 to 36, TD 8, TW 1.

Mt. Jasper, Que.: Rain and hail left granular base last weekend. LS 27, US 44, TD 9, TW 0, CD 1,200, CW 450.

Eastern Slope Region, N.H.: At Cranmore, icy surface was broken up by tooth-harrow behind snow tractor. Skiing fair except for some icy sections. Crowds broke seven-day attendance record. LS 11 to 25, East Slope 14 to 30, TD 2, TW 0, CD 4,000, CW 10,000.

Cannon Mt., N.Y.: Crowd skied during rain Saturday, but falling temperatures iced mountain, caused all lifts to close. Rope tows stayed open. National Junior championships in all four events here March 3 to 4. George Macomber took Hochgebirge Giant Slalom. LS 1 to 31, US 3 to 36, TD 1, TW 2, CD 3,500, CW 2,200.

Belknap, N.H.: Rain during weekend made skiing hard and fast. Jacques Charland, Three Rivers, Quebec, took USEASA class A jump, Art Devlin second. Roger Dion won class B, Bill Trudgeon, veteran class. Richard Osgood of UNH took cross-country, Jon Riisnes was combined winner.