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From the collection of more than 80 trophies, medals and ribbons crowding their living room in LaGrange, Mo. it would appear that the motto of the John (Tike) Miller family would be "sweet are the fruits of victory." And indeed the five Millers have won their share: Tike, 37, while competing in wrestling, baseball, tennis and bowling; Mrs. Miller as a horsewoman and rifleshot; Jock, 15, tennis, wrestling and boxing; Gay, 13, tennis and table tennis; Tod, 11, swimming and diving.

But Tike Miller is interested in far more than mere family medal-winning: he is anxious for all American youngsters to have the healthy competitive experience of taking part in organized athletics. To encourage boys and girls to do just this, whether they win or not, Miller has organized at LaGrange the Future Olympic Champions of the United States (FOCUS), an outfit designed to encourage sports-mindedness in the youth of America and to recognize their achievements. To any youngster who engages in competitive athletics (and whose participation is attested by a coach, athletic director or playground supervisor) the organization will supply, at a price of 25¢, one of the metal-plated plastic figures at the right, with the participant's name and sport inscribed under the legend "Future Olympic Champion." Profits, if any, on the sale of the figures will go to a worthy cause—the U.S. Olympic Fund.