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3—lower right, John G. Zimmerman
4—U.P., Max Peter Haas, Herb Workman-Columbus Citizen, U.P.
6—bottom, U.P., A.P.
7—N.Y. Daily Mirror Photo from I.N.P., Wil Blanche-Prange Pictures
16, 18—drawings by Ajay
19—Tom Burnside
20, 21—top, Henry Wolf; bottom, Arthur Siegel, Fred Lyon from Rapho-Guillumette
22—Robert Lackenbach
24, 25—Michael J. Freeman from Gilloon, Bob East from Gilloon
28, 29—Bern Keating-Black Star
32, 35—U.P.
40—right, Sovfoto
41—right, U.S.I.S.
60—Bill Allen-Atlanta Constitution
62—Joe Van Wormer
63, 64—Frank Lerner
68—Hans Knopf-Pix
69—R. S. Kretschman
73—from "A Survey of Early American Ascents in the Alps" by Thorington
76—London Daily Express, Barratts Photo Press Ltd.