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LS—depth of snow on lower slopes; US—depth of snow on upper slopes; TD—total snowfall during the week days; TW—total snowfall during the weekend; CD—crowd during the week; CW—crowd during the weekend; CL—closed lifts, trails or slopes


Aspen, Col.: Upper and lower slopes excellent. All lifts operated. Olympic Alternate Sally Deaver of Philadelphia outclassed slim field in Roche Cup women's division with firsts in giant slalom, slalom and downhill. In the men's division, Olympic ace, Tom Corcoran, on leave from Navy duty at Portsmouth, N.H., won giant slalom and slalom. National Junior champion Dave Gorsuch kept Corcoran from sweep by tying him for first in treacherous downhill run. LS 24 to 30, US 70 to 75, TD 10 to 12, CD 300 to 400, CW 400 to 500.

Winter Park, Col.: Low temperatures and fresh powder contributed toward excellent skiing. All trails in good condition with Bradleys Bash, Cramner and Mulligan's Mile getting biggest play. NCAA championships here March 23 to 25 with Denver University defending against field of 20 teams. LS 37 to 54, US 54 to 65, CD 1,200, CW 2,200.

Arapahoe, Col.: All main trails excellent but some slopes have breakable crust. Some skiers touring. LS 80, US 84, CD 500, CW 1,000.

Sun Valley, Idaho: Bright sun ideal for spring skiing on South slopes. Sun bathing and swimming in the pools favorite lunch hour relaxation. Harriman Cup races next weekend may have to vie with Bus Stop movie location shooting, featuring Marilyn Monroe. On Baldy, US 90. On Dollar, US 42, valley floor 34, Roundhouse, US 78.

Alta, Utah: Skiing excellent. Heavy snowfall during week. LS 135, US 135, TD 20, TW 0, CD 1,000, CW 2,000.

Brighton, Utah: Warm weather has caused snow to become slushy. Crowds have fallen off but a number of skiers have come to get suntans. LS 97, US 123, TD 10, CD 1,250, CW 2,000.

Snow King, Wyo.: Skiing fair to good with snow starting to thaw. LS 32 to 38, US 44 to 50, CD 150, CW 200.

Big Mountain, Mont.: Warm weather bringing on spring corn. Crowds in shirt sleeves over weekend. LS 45 to 50, US 50 to 80, TD 4, TW 0, CD 420, CW 630.


Mt. Baldy, Calif.: Operations closed during week in effort to conserve snow. Weekend skiing only will be in effect from now on. Warm weather brought more picnickers and sightseers than skiers to the lifts. Sunbonnets in vogue. LS 0, US 0 to 12, CD 0, CW 2,100.

Squaw Valley, Calif.: Excellent spring skiing with corn snow on all trails. Temperatures in the 50s. Many skiers wearing shorts, shirts or light sweaters, and all are acquiring good tans. LS 63, US 236, CD 600, CW 1,600.

Sugar Bowl, Calif.: Spring skiing excellent. Double chair lift scheduled for construction this summer on Mt. Lincoln, will open new trails for next winter. National senior giant slalom to be held here April 15th. LS 168, US 300, CD 400, CW 2,200.

Mt. Hood, Ore.: At Timberline, all lifts operating again. Chairs ran through deep snow trenches after Magic Mile was dug out. Snow Cats taking skiers to the 8,000-foot level. Wet snow caused poor skiing on trail between Timberline and Govt. Camp. Temperatures in the high 60s. TD 3, TW 0, CD 1,000, CW 4,000. At. Govt. Camp, LS 108, US 116.

Mt. Baker, Wash.: Mild weather has brought ideal spring skiing. Panorama Ridge and northern exposures best skiing, with touring more popular as weather warms. Bermuda shorts being worn. Junior Heather Cup giant slalom postponed to April 22. LS 320, CW 2,200.

Snoqualmie, Wash.: Good packed-powder skiing on lower slopes. Free instructions on Thursdays bringing out the housewives. LS 175 to 180, TD 3 to 4, TW 0, CD 350, CW 6,000.

Stevens Pass, Wash.: Road closed past two weeks by slides opened in time for Sunday skiing. LS 190, CD 0, CW 1,300.

Grouse Mt., B.C.: Skiing excellent. Trails serviced by upper and lower chair lifts got heavy workout from last weekend's big crowds. Most male skiers stripped to the waist under the bright sunshine. LS 98 to 146, US 146 to 238, TD 8, TW 0, CD 60, CW 3,000.


Terry Peak, S. Dak.: Light snowfall last week added more depth to 18-inch base. Good chance of corn snow for early April. LS 32 to 36, US 36 to 40, TD 4, TW 0, CD 200, CW 500.

Boyne Mt., Mich.: Warm weather last weekend brought out the Bermuda shorts as skiing remained excellent. LS 16, US 8 to 12, CD 30, CW 350.


Eastern Slope Region, N.H.: Heavy snowfall last week left excellent powder on the slopes, but transportation tie-ups kept weekend crowds stranded in Boston. At Cranmore, Intermediate and Rattlesnake closed, but Lodges opened first time this season. LS 20 to 40, TD 12, TW 0, CD 2,000, CW 5,000. At Intervale, lack of skiers closed area during week. LS 30 to 44, TD 16, TW 0, CW 150. At Black Mt., packed powder skiing superb. At Thorn Mt., skiing excellent. LS 20 to 40, US 20 to 40, TD 12, TW 0, CW 150.

Belknap, N.H.: Biggest storm of winter kept area crew busy during week. All slopes and trails good last weekend as temperature hit 50°. LS 10, US 20, TD 10, TW 12, CD 500, CW 2,200, CL Ridge.

Cannon Mt., N.H.: Skiing excellent on all trails with no wait for lifts. Many girls wearing red ski pants. LS 10 to 40, US 10 to 64, TD 21, TW 0, CD 950, CW 1,800.

Stowe, Vt.: Snowfalls during week produced excellent powder skiing on trails last weekend, with Nosedive, Liftline, Lord and Tyro the best. American Olympic skiers using Marker safety long-thong binding. LS 50, US 65, TD 11, TW 1, CD 1,400, CW 3,000.

Mad River Glen, Vt.: Biggest snowfalls of year last week left excellent powder on all trails. Warm weather over the weekend resulted in shirtsleeve skiing, and some corn snow. New England Kandahar Race set for March 25 with 125 top skiers entered. LS 40, US 68, TD 26, TW 1, CD 450, CW 2,000.

Mt. Snow, Vt.: Excellent skiing on packed powder. Knickers and knee socks with small tassels down sides popular here. LS 35 to 50, US 40 to 80, TD 18, CD 3,000, CW 3,000.

Big Bromley, Vt.: Heavy snowfall last week gave area best powder skiing in years. Corkscrew, Peril and Blue Ribbon closed for packing. LS 21 to 50, US 21 to 50, TD 14, TW 16, CD 600, CW 2,650.

Hogback, Vt.: Heavy fall of powder produced best skiing of season. LS 21 to 52, US 21 to 52, TD 22.

Belleayre, N.Y.: All trails open with last week's heavy snowfall giving area best skiing of season. LS 12, US 12, CD 3,500.

Lake Placid, N.Y.: Snow fell most of last week and assured skiers of good spring skiing during April. LS 24 to 34, TD 12, TW 0, CD 200, CW 800.

Mt. Tremblant, Que.: Trails icy halfway up the mountain, with Sissy Schuss the worst. Light snowfall following day of rain improved most trails. LS 30, US 49, CD 1,200, CW 1,000.

Lac Beauport, Que.: Excellent spring skiing, with powder in the shaded areas and sticky snow in the sun. LS 22 to 25, US 25 to 32, CD 1,500, CW 2,500.