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During April andMay many of you may notice in the windows of your favorite department storesenlarged reproductions of some of the people and places you have already seenin SPORTS ILLUSTRATED—divers at Acapulco, bathers at Rio, the tennis courts ofWimbledon and Forest Hills, the golf courses of Pebble Beach and Augusta;Scotland and its Braemar Games, Bermuda and its water sports.

They are fromthe many various and wonderful worlds SI has touched—settings against whichmore than 100 leading department stores across the country will feature theirlatest travel and sports fashions and equipment.

One famous storedisplaying these scenes is The Higbee Co. in Cleveland, whose president, JohnMurphy, has summed up the reason his store is happy to have them.

"The pagesof SPORTS ILLUSTRATED," he said, "are a colorful reflection of thenatural alliance between sports and travel, for some time a growing factor inAmerican life, and now a most important consideration in the present and futureof retailing."

In the pages ofthis issue are some examples of this natural alliance at work, as SPORTSILLUSTRATED'S color cameras travel to far sides of the earth to record a safariin Africa and surfing in Hawaii. In the past two months SI has also been toVenice for ducks, Australia for sharks, India for tigers, Sindelfingen for"ghosts," Venezuela for bulls, Peru for marlin and St. Petersburg forbaseball players.

It makes, Ithink, for a pretty full globe-circling trip, with all continents present andaccounted for in THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF SPORT.