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The Question: Who is the man on your team to watch this year? (Asked of the major league team broadcasters.)

Cincinnati Redlegs
"Wally Post, our right fielder, the most underrated and overlooked player in our circuit. He's a better right fielder than Cincinnati has had in years. Although he hit 40 home runs last year, he hardly got a mention for the All-Star poll. As a right fielder I rank him close to Stan Musial."

St. Louis Cardinals
"I'm looking for Ken Boyer, our third baseman, to have his best year. However, he is an established star. The one to watch is Hal Smith, our young catcher. He's ready this year. If Pitcher Tom Poholsky doesn't have his best year and win more games than ever, I'll buy the team a dinner."

Milwaukee Braves
"We have four fine kids, but you can't tell how they will do until they play major league ball. I hate to pick one who won't stick, but my guess is Wes Covington, an outfielder. He's a real left-handed power hitter and has been hitting 400 feet. Although big—200 pounds—he runs as fast as Bill Bruton."

Chicago Cubs
"We have no sleepers. Ernie Banks, of course, is the man to watch, but we have two newcomers who are experienced big leaguers and who will help us a lot. Monte Irvin and Don Hoak looked great in camp. They have lots of speed and hustle and the Cubs now look a lot faster than in previous years."

New York Giants
"Everyone takes Willie Mays for granted. The one to watch is Pitcher Steve Ridzik. He's had previous experience and always had great stuff. It was a question of learning what to do with it. I think he has learned. Rigney has brought spirit to this team. We'll have a great season."

Brooklyn Dodgers
"One of the most underrated is Carl Furillo. Playing in the shadow of Duke Snider, he has held the outfield together, being the greatest defensive outfielder in baseball, batting about .300. Pitcher Roger Craig is great. Campanella says he has everything in the book including a great heart."

Pittsburgh Pirates
"Bob Friend, our great pitcher. Last year he had the lowest earned-run average in the league, the only time it's been done in the majors with a last-place club. Bob's come up with a great pitch and could become a really great pitcher. He can be to the Pirates what Roberts is to the Phillies."

Philadelphia Phils
"We have Ennis, Roberts and Ashburn, but the man to watch is Stan Lopata, being converted from a part-time catcher to a full-time first baseman. Stan is big, 6 feet 2 inches, and fast for his 210 pounds. He's the club's hardest worker. If he sticks at first, he'll be the key to our attack."

Kansas City Athletics
"Bobby Shantz is both the key and the question mark. He makes or breaks us. Bobby looked great in Florida. Last year they babied him. This year Shantz says that he's either a big league pitcher or he isn't. He's been throwing hard and easily. The sleeper to watch on our team is Vic Power."

Cleveland Indians
"Herb Score is the key to our pitching. But the boy to watch is Rocky Colavito, an outfielder. He is 6 feet 3, weighs 190 pounds and is 22. Although he runs flat-footed, like an Indian, he is fast and has a terrific arm. Rocky hit 35 home runs a year in the minors and is hitting home runs now."

New York Yankees
"You can't pick a sleeper because Manager Stengel plays in depth. But the club is rebuilding and there are question marks. The oddity is that the first-string outfield has to hold up. All were hurt last year; that lost the Series. The key is the outfielders' health with Mantle the one to watch."

Baltimore Orioles
"For bird watching extraordinary I recommend an Oriole named Hal Smith. He made the long flight from minor to major league baseball last year and his batting average was .271, only one point less than the great Yogi Berra. The 25-year-old Smith is a hustler, too, and a fine man behind the plate."

Boston Red Sox
"Ted Williams will be our mainstay and Pitchers Frank Sullivan and George Susce Jr. will be tops. But we have kids who can be great. One of them, Don Buddin, a shortstop, will be the rookie of the year if he makes the team. Dave Sisler, a pitcher, son of the all-time great, may also be a sleeper."

Washington Senators
"Left Fielder Roy Sievers, converted to a first baseman to replace Mickey Vernon. Roy is our long-ball hitter. He hit more home runs last year [25] than any Washington player in our history. Left field has been shortened to provide more seats, and this will help Roy."

Chicago White Sox
"The man who is going to make or break this club is Luis Aparicio, the shortstop who replaced Chico Carrasquel. We have the long-distance power we've needed with Doby in center field, and if Luis can fill Chico's place, we have as good a chance as any club in the league to win."

Detroit Tigers
"After you look past Kaline and Kuenn, Outfielder Bill Tuttle is the man to watch. He is the most underrated player in the majors. Like Joe DiMaggio, he makes a catch look so easy that it escapes the headlines. He now pulls the ball more, is getting more homers and a higher batting average."



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