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Rocky Marciano, chubby heavyweight champion vacationing in South America, admitted giving serious thought to retirement "while I'm still on top" but will make no decision until he meets with Manager Al Weill in New York.

George Breen, crew-cut Cortland State Teachers College star, stroked 1,500-meter freestyle in 18:05.9 to shatter world standard in NCAA meet at New Haven, drew praise from coaches as greatest freestyler in history (see page 18).

Pancho Gonzales, making good use of tremendous serve and all-court agility, beat Tony Trabert for 51st time in 66 matches at Atlanta, clinched victory in 100-match Pro Tennis Tour, $25,000 bonus and contract for next year.

Carol Jane Pachl, pretty 17-year-old Czechoslovakian-born skater, her back frozen to deaden pain of broken vertebrae suffered in fall at Olympic Games, courageously glided to second Canadian figure-skating title at Gait, Ont.

Ronnie Knox, UCLA football star, shown here in broody pose from screen tests, found sideline career which will not affect his football, signed contract with M-G-M. An early production in which Ronnie may be cast: Tea and Sympathy.