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Daniel E. Pomeroy of Sea Island, Ga. is a fine example of a businessman who has made notable contributions to sport. Shown receiving a buss on the cheek from Golfer Betty Dodd during a recent tournament at Sea Island, the 87-year-old Pomeroy has made a hobby of establishing golf clubs. He helped to found the National at Southampton, N.Y. and The Links at North Hills, N.Y. A banker by vocation, Pomeroy has also been active as a big game hunter. In 1927 he donated several specimens to the American Museum of Natural History after an expedition to East Africa. In recognition of Pomeroy's interest in retrievers the Midwest Field Trial Club last fall held its trial in his honor.

Among the visitors to Monaco this-month will be W. L. (Bill) Tenney, a 40-year-old research engineer from Dayton, Ohio. But, unlike most of the other visitors, Bill's mind will be on the world Class C outboard hydro races, not the Kelly-Rainier wedding. Last month Bill won the Colonel Green Star Island Trophy by taking the American Power Boat Association outboard regatta circuit in Florida. Tenney, the Star Island trophy winner in 1953, amassed 2,000 points by piloting Hornet XV, his Class C hydroplane, to two firsts and four seconds in six events. Bill did almost as well in Class B outboard hydros. He compiled 1,975 points, to finish second behind himself in the over-all point total.