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Bill Nieder, big University of Kansas strongboy hailed as "new Parry O'Brien," gave strength to supporters' claims, tossed shotput 59 feet 9 inches at Texas Relays, breaking O'Brien's outdoor college record by 6¾ inches.

Paul Arizin, sharp-eyed Philadelphia forward, scored 289 points in 10 playoff games, helped Warriors complete rags-to-riches comeback by taking four out of five from Fort Wayne Pistons to win NBA championship.

Corny Shields, 61, veteran stockbroker-sailor known to rivals as "The Gray Fox of Long Island Sound," won famed Larchmont winter dinghy series with Dainty, scoring .893 to .890 for Arthur Knapp, who had won five years in a row.

Sylvia Ruuska, husky 13-year-old from Berkeley, Calif., upset Shelley Mann in punishing 400-yard individual medley in 5:14.9 at national AAU indoor meet in Daytona Beach, shattered own U.S. record set week earlier.

Robert Winthrop, New York sportsman and businessman, was re-elected president of Ducks Unlimited in Kansas City as trustees voted to spend $500,000 in 1956 for work on "duck factories" in Canadian prairie provinces.