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One of the latest additions to the subscription rolls of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is Don K. Rice of West Frankfort, Illinois, a freshman at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

Don won his subscription by scoring highest among the 854 students who took a sports quiz as part of the final examination in SIU's physical education program.

In announcing the examination, Dr. Edward J. Shea, chairman of the men's physical education department, said, "Since the sports scene constitutes an important segment of our American culture...the purpose is to create an awareness of contemporary affairs in the world of sport. It aids, also, in the development of attitudes, interests and appreciations which tend to become lifelong in value."

Professor Shea also let the word get out that a good way to bone up for the exam might be to do a little browsing through some SPORTS ILLUSTRATEDS, past and present. And, as it happened, sure enough, the answers to the 40 questions, which ranged through 14 sports, have all appeared in SI.

Student Rice missed only one question:

Winner of the National Indoor Tennis Championship was: (a) Vic Seixas (b) Sven Davidson (c) Ulf Schmidt (d) Gil Shea (e) Art Larsen

(For the correct answer see SI, March 5, page 5.)

The examination was experimental this time and did not count for grades. But results convinced Dr. Shea of its value. For the spring term examinations in June the chips will be down and the sports test will be averaged in with other marks in the course.

The possibility that SI may become "required reading" in Carbondale strikes a slightly strange note here. We've always had it in mind that people who read SI read it purely for pleasure. No midnight cramming contemplated.

At any rate, whatever its fate at SIU, SI is proud to be cited as a reference—and extends warmest congratulations to its new subscriber: