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10—drawing by Fred Eng
13—A.P., U.P.
15—Hank Walker
16, 17—Courier-Journal and Louisville Times
20—Coles Phinizy
21, 24—Richard Meek
22, 23—Mark Kauffman
26, 28—drawings by Ajay
29—Jerry Cooke
30, 31—drawings by Steindl
32, 33—Richard Meek (2), Marvin Newman
34—A.P. (2), Norman Mevius
35—Detroit News, A.P., U.P.
39—A.P., Nick Verderosa, Keystone, A.P.
40—Jerry Cooke, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Courier-Journal and Louisville Times, Richard Meek, A.P., U.P.
60—Hy Peskin
61—Richard Meek
62—Official Photo U.S.A.F.
73—Dept. of Conservation, Cornell University
74—drawing by Grams Miller
92—bottom, Glenn John-Cleveland Press