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12, 13—top, Loomis Dean; bottom, from Sporting Life (Australia)
22—drawings by Ajay
24, 25—Jim McNamara-Washington Post, Robert Paskach-Omaha World-Herald, A.P.
28, 29—top, Toni Frissell; middle, Massar and Hare, Fox Photos-London, Jerry Cooke, A.P.; bottom, Fred Lyon from Rapho-Guillumette
31—map by Fred Eng
36—Hugh Stovall-Atlanta Journal, A.P., Robert Phillips-Black Star, U.P.
37—U.P., A.P. (2) Hy Peskin, Leon Callaway
44—Mark Kauffman
50—Owen Johnson
64, 65—Combine
66-69—Gordon Tenney-Black Star
74—cartoon ¬© 1956 Boston Herald-Traveler Corp.
75—diagram by Fred Eng
76—Dorothy Humphrey, Marylaird Wood and Lonnie Wilson