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One of the rites of Spring for American families in general and for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED families more than most has become the counting of days until they make their summer migrations to camps, cabins, hotels and cottages by the nation's mountains, lakes, streams and seashores.

And a sure sign of spring for SI is the upsurge in requests for temporary changes of address from people who want SI to go along with them for the summer.

Even the pleasures of vacations and homes away from home exact their small price. There is always the problem of packing the tennis rackets, the fishing rods and the flippers, of not forgetting anything and of making sure that the canoe is firmly secured to the top of the station wagon. Executing the change of address for SI must regrettably be counted among these minor penalties of summertime living.

But it's really simple enough. For those of you who will be leaving home for four weeks or longer, here's how:

First, allowing three weeks for us to make the change, send to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, 540 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 11, Illinois, an actual address label from any one of your copies, complete with the code numbers at the bottom.

Be sure to give us your full summer address.

And then, please tell us the issue with which you want the change to take effect. (Otherwise, SI may get there before you do and be undeliverable.)

Finally, tell us how long you want SI to keep coming to your summer address, so that it will automatically return home when you do. (Otherwise, our addressing machines will think you have made a permanent change.)

When that's done, you should never have to say to SI, "Wish you were here." It will be there.

And we'll be happy to think of you as "having wonderful time."