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3—right, Mark Kauffman
9—Robert Phillips-Black Star
18—drawing by Ajay
21—Evan Peskin
26, 27—Ylla from Rapho-Guillumette
36—U.P., A.P. (2), U.P.
37—A.P. (2)
38—A.P., Gib Brush-Los Angeles Mirror-Daily News, I.N.P.
47—James Wommack
48—Tom Burnside
49—illustration by Jack Kunz
52—Jerry Cooke
54—Tom Burnside
58, 59—John G. Zimmerman
64, 65—A.P.
70-72—Frank Lerner
78, 79—collection of Mrs. Hiram Hawes
84—¬© Arnold Newman-New York Times, N.Y. Daily News Photo