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Especially for women golfers

The average woman golfer addresses the ball on the tee a little self-consciously, swings like she is afraid either her arms or the club or the ball might break, and sends a looping little blooper of a drive slicing toward the rough on the right of the fairway. Why?

The reason is she won't swing hard enough at the ball. Even if she wanted to, she couldn't, because she isn't set for it. Whether from inherent modesty or conscious worry about her skirt, the average woman golfer doesn't take a wide enough stance to be able to cut loose with a good swing at the ball.

At address, the feet should be so planted that the outside of the heels are the width of the shoulders apart. This wider, firmer stance gives the golfer better balance and will enable her to move her hips normally as she pivots. By standing correctly the woman golfer can swing harder—more through the ball. This will give her five or 10 yards more distance because it increases the speed of the club head at impact. Swinging harder will also give women golfers straighter shots. Ninety per cent of women golfers slice because of their defensive attitude. Swinging away, more through the ball, gives the club head the chance it needs to meet the ball squarely at the bottom of the swing.

from GEORGE CORCORAN, Greensboro Country Club, Greensboro, N.C.



Incorrect: stance too narrow


Correct stance