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Since the Pulitzer Prizes were inaugurated in 1917, only three sportswriters have won awards. The latest: Arthur Daley of The New York Times "for his outstanding coverage and commentary on the world of sports in his daily column 'Sports of the Times.' " For Daley, whose writings three times have been chosen by SI for its COLUMN OF THE WEEK award (Dec. 20, 1954; Jan. 17, 1955; April 25, 1955), the citation and $1,000 check come as a formal accolade after 29 years of writing for the Times, 14 as a columnist. "I knew I'd been nominated for a prize," says Daley, "but I felt it was like being nominated for President on the Greenback ticket—nice, but no chance to win."

Winner of the best magazine sports story award and a prize of $250 in the 12th annual competition sponsored by E. P. Dutton & Co., book publishers, is the New York Daily News's Dick Young. The story: Young's CONVERSATION PIECE with ex-Brooklyn Dodger Preacher Roe, The Outlawed Spitball Was My Money Pitch, which appeared in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED (July 4, 1955). It is reprinted in Dutton's Best Sports Stories—1956, published last week. Young has been writing sports for the Daily News for 13 years, is in his 11th year of reporting Dodger activities.