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Don January, lean 26-year-old freshman pro, came through under pressure, chipping out of trap for eagle on final hole to edge Dow Finsterwald by stroke in Dallas Centennial Open. Said January: "All I had was eagles and bogies."

Colette Duval, pretty young French model with taste for the daring, leaped from B-17 flying at 34,000 feet, tumbled to within 750 feet of Rio de Janeiro's Guanabara Bay before opening parachute, laid claim to new world record.

Jim Bowers, 17-year-old Sterling (Ill.) High School senior, bounced through mile in 4:16.1 at Sterling, became second to lower national interscholastic record on same day. The first: Ron Gregory of St. Louis, who ran 4:19.2.

Devereux Milburn Jr., polo-playing attorney, was re-elected president of the Sportsmanship Brotherhood, a 30-year-old group that is dedicated to "foster and spread the spirit of sportsmanship throughout the world."

Mrs. Adele Erenberg, perky Los Angeles housewife and PTA worker with insatiable curiosity about Southern California Educational Foundation, provided spark which set off latest PCC hassle involving USC (see page 17).