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Hurricane Jackson's perpetual ring dance comes to a flat-footed stop as he runs into a jarring, sweat-spraying left hook, the start of a fast combination thrown by Floyd Patterson, and one of many which earned Patterson a richly deserved decision in Madison Square Garden last Friday night. For Martin Kane's account turn to p. 41

The punching power and effectiveness of Floyd Patterson's two fists are shown in this series of pictures. In the first (top left) Floyd (in black trunks) is delivering a right to the side of Hurricane Jackson's head and is set to crash a left hook to the other side. In the second picture (center) a straight left slips through Hurricane's flailing arms. A hard right to the head has just jolted Jackson in the picture at top right. Patterson lands uppercut (bottom left) and prepares to cross over with his right. At bell (bottom right) Hurricane is too dazed to find corner without help. But the pictures reveal Floyd's youthful weakness: his failure to plant the balls of his feet firmly and so get full impact from his clean, sharp punches