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California-Bred Swaps, ears perked, gives Bobby Brocato horse's-eye view of his heels as he drives to world record of 1:33 1/5 for the mile in $52,500 Argonaut Handicap at Hollywood Park.

California Guest Dave Sime's powerful stride leaves Mike Agostini far behind as Duke star briskly sprints to new world mark of 20 seconds flat for 220-yard dash on fast clay track at Sanger.

Smiling Gene Littler, Palm Beach round-robin winner, accepts awards from Palm Beach's President Elmer Ward Sr.

Bouncing Briton John Surtees hangs on, roars ahead to win senior Tourist Trophy with 95.57 mph average at Isle of Man.

Embracing British Curtis Cuppers (right) show joy after Mrs. Roy Smith gave team 5-4 victory over U.S. at Sandwich.