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Bellying sails, hard to comp by in light air at Newport, R.I., carry four of 89 yachts, largest entry ever, to the starting line at Brenton Reef as biennial Bermuda Race gets under way.

Sweeping oars of Cornell crew respond to call of Coxswain Carl Schwarz, propel the Big Red up Lake Onondaga at merry clip on way to easy victory in the IRA regatta at Syracuse, N.Y.

Politicking Candidate Stevenson tries his hand at horseshoe pitching at "An Afternoon with Adlai" in Des Plaines, Ill.

Grinning Red Schoendienst gets glad hand from Manager Rigney after pinch homer in debut as N. Y. Giant.

Straining Ken Bantum lets go with a 60-foot½-inch heave in the NCAA meet to become third to crack 60-foot shotput barrier.