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Peter Gimbel, skin-diving son of Department Store Executive Bernard Gimbel, was one of first to locate sunken Andrea Doria in 250 feet of water (see page 17) off Nantucket, Mass.; reported ship "almost alive...and still bubbling."

Mrs. Elizabeth Lunn, the former wife of Turfman John Hay Whitney and owner of Llangollen Farm, hit jackpot with Mister Gus, who came out from behind Swaps's shadow to win $97,900 in rich ($154,850) Arlington Handicap.

Roger Walkowiak, kinky-haired young Frenchman who had never before won big race, pedaled furiously into Paris' Pare des Princes stadium to capture 24-day 2,800-mile Tour de France after setting average speed record of 22.68 mph.

Nic Geib, Chicago musical-instrument casemaker, cleverly skippered his Class D Fleetwood' through heavy weather to win 333-mile run from Chicago to Mackinac Island, "world's longest race on drinking water," on corrected time.

Ted Allen, expert ringermaster from Boulder, Col., wound up marathon final round by outtwirling able Don Titcomb of Sunnyvale, Calif. to capture world horseshoe pitching championship for the seventh time at Murray, Utah.